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May 2016

Indulge Mom with Crepes on Mother’s Day

Use your imagination with ingredients, or put together a ham and asparagus crepe Alfredo with sliced ham and asparagus with ricotta cheese spread, topped with creamy Alfredo sauce and melted Swiss cheese.

April 2016

Quick and Easy Sheet Pan Meals

Sheet pan meals allow you to cook several individual components all at once, making cleanup a breeze. Most of the recipes take very little time to prepare.

March 2016

Mexican Chicken*

*CONTEST WINNER: Growing up in a family of 7 siblings my parents did not always have much money to spend on food. Chicken was always the cheapest route to go in order to feed 10 people (some nights Mom and Dad went without so there was enough for all of us kids).

February 2016

Gluten Free and Delicious

Quinoa is classified a super-food by nutritionists and a “super-crop” by the United Nations. The National Academy of Sciences calls quinoa “one of the best sources of protein in the vegetable kingdom.”

Valentine’s, Birthday, Hostess Gift, Any Celebration – Consider New York Wine

The "Vinifera Revolution" – a movement ignited by Dr. Konstantin Frank –  forever changed the course of wine growing in the Finger Lakes and ultimately the United States. For years, the Finger Lakes region was considered too cold for vinifera – grapes of European origin that create almost all the world's fine wines.

January 2016

Hickory Heroes

Getting the nut out is still done by hand today with no machinery yet available. Hickory nut cracking is becoming a lost art. Despite the difficulty of extraction, rural families still cherish the savory nut and chefs are recognizing hickory nut's attributes.

November 2015

Celebrate Tradition This Thanksgiving

Following traditions, the corn is hand-planted, hand-picked, hand-husked and braided, and hand-processed. Those working with the corn are to have “good mind,” meaning good and loving intentions, with this spirit passing into the corn and benefiting those who eat it.

October 2015

Hungarian Venison Stew*

*CONTEST WINNER: My father told me that to poach one of the Emperor's deer (or even his rabbits for that matter), could lead to the death sentence for the guilty party. Poaching the Emperor's wildlife was more serious than killing or harming a human being...especially of the peasant variety.

Crazy-Good and Very Healthy Coconut

The Sanskrit word for coconut can be roughly translated as “the food that sustains all life,” and the coconut palm is often referred to as the “tree of life.” Coconut speeds up metabolism, providing an immediate source of energy with fewer calories than other fats.

September 2015

Falling for Apples

“Man has been munching on apples for about 750,000 years, since food gatherers of early Paleolithic times discovered sour, wild crabapples growing in the forests in central Asia.” Eventually Egyptians planted apple orchards along the Nile, and Romans planted orchards in Britain.

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