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September 2013

Potatoes –Naturally Nutritious Comfort Food

Today the average American eats 49 pounds of fresh and 90 pounds of processed spuds each year. Baked, fried, scalloped or mashed, chances are the potatoes you eat were grown in Idaho. Idaho produces more potatoes than any other state, about 30 percent of the nation’s total production.

Some Sweets, Some Spice and Some Slightly Sour: End-of-Summer Veggies to Savor Anew

How about with the basics of healthy eating: very few calories, lots of nutrition, healthy natural sweeteners, and tantalizing, often overlooked add-ins to tease your taste buds. Let’s dive in – these are easy, fast and full of complex flavors with just a few common ingredients.

August 2013

Enjoy a Corny Summer – From Beer Battered to Creamy Fudge, Plus Jams and Jellies Sans So Much Sugar

Porter shares tips for preparing fresh corn, from boiling to steaming to grilling to smoking. Find recipes for corn soufflé, roasted corn and potato salad, sweet corn risotto, sweet corn liqueur, and white chocolate, sweet corn fudge.

Surplus of Veggies? There’s an App(etite) for That!

Three simple choices are at the top of the popularity list right now while you pile on – or in – heaps of vegetables to bring those stacks of excess down and your health way up. None requires a real recipe, so improvisation reigns and allows you to literally create gems of meals with whatever you’ve got, including ordinary staples.

July 2013

Summertime Treats – July is National Ice Cream Month

For those finding themselves in the vicinity of Utica, Ohio, a stop at Velvet Ice Cream’s Ye Olde Mill is highly recommended with its ice cream and milling museum, restaurant, playground, picnic area and catch-and-release fish pond.


The Ethnic Grill – Exotic Summer Outdoor Fare

Hearing gazpacho, we’re not likely to think first of a grill. Cold soup! From a flame? Try this version for an interesting new twist. Lots of healthy nutrients packed into this bright summer dish.


June 2013

All Hail the Summer Stock Pot: Leave Almost No Scrap Behind

One look at your colander full of those scraps should instead bring smartly back into your head the old adage your mother or grandmother would have muttered: Waste not, want not. Those scraps have one more destination before the scrap heap.


Grilling for Father’s Day

Take a bunch of hardy herb sprigs like rosemary, oregano and thyme and tie them together with kitchen twine. Dip herbs in olive oil and brush the meat continuously as it cooks. The aromatic oils from the herbs mix with the caramelizing meat to create unexpected incredible flavor.


May 2013

Mother’s Day Recipes and Cookbooks

In addition to the recipes, this cookbook includes menus for all the holidays throughout the year, plus 12 intimate essays – on picking a ripe tomato, making your own pasta, or foraging for wild mushrooms – that introduce each month and capture the feeling of that special time of year.

Saucy Springtime: Butter Up to All Those Garden Goodies

In participants of the Framingham Heart Study it was found that those with the highest level of vitamin K dietary intake had a 35 percent lower risk of hip fracture.

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