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September 2019
Bob’s Tech Talk

Internet Speed, Surfing Incognito, and USB-C Flaws

Private browsing will keep your secrets from casual observers who have access to your device, but beyond that assume everything else has been recorded in multiple places. It is not a pleasant thought, but that is reality in 2019.


When the Computers Are Down …

“If you do that we’ll call the police ...”

“Fine. Call them. Then I’ll call the newspapers and explain how a cash-carrying customer trying to buy a loaf of bread with exact change in U.S. currency was denied the purchase solely because the computer wasn’t ready and able to do its job.

August 2019
Sam's Side

Trusting Tech

My skepticism isn’t so much with the technology, it is with the people who put the information out there to be gathered.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Disk Recovery, Lost Keys, and TV Tracking

The issue is not just smart TVs. Practically every video viewing experience includes some degree of personal tracking. Until such time as regulations catch up with the technology, it is best to assume any TV connected to the Internet is talking to someone about you.

Health, Wellness & the Good Life

Smart Homes Becoming Popular and Convenient

Motion detectors will know you’ve come home and turn on the lights for you. Your smart home can see who’s ringing your doorbell, brew your morning coffee and perform any number of other tasks.

* * * * *

Right now, smart devices are sort of a Wild West of streaming data with a definite potential for abuse. It’s absolutely essential to have firewalls and other shielding technology protecting you.


Turn the Page or Scroll the Screen?

Books are officially in crisis today. Like the dinosaur, the printed page is becoming extinct, especially for the younger generations. School libraries are now technology centers. Students carry few textbooks with them. They pop open laptops in their classrooms for their information.

Ernie's World

Technological Advances?

We have also been blessed with the self-checkout stand. "Please insert your card. Cannot read. Is there anyone with you that can help? A wife maybe? Scan any coupons now. Cannot read. Wife?

July 2019
Alive and Kidding

Why Imax and I Just Don’t Mix

The problem was, I really wanted to see what happened...So I convinced myself it was just a case of “mind over matter” and continued to watch. By the time the movie ended, I honestly couldn’t even stand up. The walls were spinning, my legs felt like limp pasta and my head was pounding.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Killing iTunes, Dying PCs, and Missing Email

In the entire history of technology, no product has grown faster or gone farther than the smartphone. It has replaced entire categories of tech gear. Consider the old Radio Shack catalog: nearly every product in there is a job now performed by a smartphone.

May 2019
Bob’s Tech Talk

App Refunds, Photo Backups, and Laptop DVD Players

There is no shortage of opinions on the Internet. And when it comes to tech, finding opinions you can count on is like finding one needle in a hundred haystacks. Tom's Guide, an extension of the venerable Tom's Hardware site, is where I tend to start.

* * *

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