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September 2019
Just Sayin’

The Healing Power of a Homemade Pie

What if we brought a homemade pie of kindness to the table of hate and calmed anger with a dose of warmed goodness? Then our grandchildren would learn just like I did from my grandmother – when we take the time to create love, we might just witness healing our hurts, one pie at a time.

Senior Moments

Life-Lessons at the Senior Games

I watched the grit of competitors who had no chance of winning a medal, far behind the leaders, yet determined to finish the race, as well as athletes who had to overcome physical challenges competing with enthusiasm and success.

My Thoughts Today

Let Us Never Know What Old Age Is

A 2010 Gallup poll found happiness tends to be positively linked with age, and 85 year olds are more satisfied with life than 18 year olds.

Agelessly Yours

Not For Anything, Mother, But….

The only thing that still excites me with the same intensity is seeing my adult children. The only thing that deflates my ego is seeing my adult children because, and get this – I don’t generate the same excitement from them at seeing me — it’s unbelievable!

August 2019

A Metric System for Rural America

I was driving along a muddy, rutted dirt road a few miles outside of town. I was slowly gaining on an old German shepherd making its way along the road’s edge. As I passed him, he looked at me. I looked at him. I thought “Good luck, old boy. I hope you make it home OK.”

I don’t know what he thought of me. But I figured he probably would make it home OK as we were both drawing nigh an old fieldstone farmhouse. Neither of us made a big deal about the other’s presence. “Now, that’s rural,” I thought. I had my metric.


My Baby Needs Bifocals? That’s Not Right.

But there is one other aspect of aging that I have yet to reconcile. It’s the realization that my own children, my babies, are now middle-aged, and in many respects, have caught up with me. What was I doing when their hair started to gray?

Leslie Goes Boom

Senior Living 101

Continuing care: There is usually a substantial entrance fee plus a monthly charge. Requirements vary from state to state: financial ability to pay for a specific time frame is required to be accepted into such a facility as well as medical criteria. However, you can move seamlessly from a low level of care to the highest level without ever needing to leave.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

Summer’s Lease Hath All Too Short a Date

I’m not sure when I lost interest in yard work. I guess I realized keeping the grass cut wasn’t nearly as important as writing. The chores would be there long after I was gone, but my stories wouldn’t.

July 2019
Sam's Side

Making the Best out of the Bad Years

Secondhand smoke was not a thing when I was a child. At worst, smoking was considered to only be harmful for the person smoking. And having a pull at your dad’s brewski was simply something that – everyone seemed to do. No one thought about negative long-term health impacts.


Grow Old along with Me; The Best Is Yet to Be

I’m one of those guys who was never cute when I was young. Girls would cross the street to escape my attentions. Little girls would scream in fright when I tried to play peekaboo with them. Young mothers glowered at me.

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