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March 2019
Just Sayin’

The House That Built Us

The box held Mama’s dreams, so I knew it was important to trim the magazine clippings just right in case she needed to pick up that perfect dream one day. The box held pictures of countless houses along with ideas for each imaginary room. One day she might just find a place to implement this or that.


Begin Anywhere

I suspect the best bits in life always do happen that way – when we don’t worry about knowing how or where or if we’ve missed the beginning, and we just begin anywhere. And trust in the outcome.

The Expiration Date

Toes, Tolerance, and Other Things That Start with ‘T’

During those hours I learned a lot about things that start with T (Tetanus, Tramadol, Tylenol, Toradol, and Tolerance.)  I had more shots that day than a spring breaker and now I was grouchy and hungry.

January 2012

Easter by Cellphone

When did grandchildren hunt for the neon plastic eggs in which Mom, Dad, and Grandma had dutifully gathered their change and crumpled dollar bills to wrap around jelly bellies inside artificial eggs? Did teenagers even want to hunt for Easter eggs? Were they too old to bother with such childish pursuits?


Ashes to Ashes…Dust to Dust

The silence was interrupted when the ditzy daughter-in-law came over to ask me what part of the body had been in that bag. The phrasing of her question threw me off. Several thoughts entered my mind, but at this somber moment I elected to tell her it was probably his brain as he had always been a big thinker.

Strictly Humor

Building a Winter Fall

That does bring us to what we won’t debate: the difference between weather and climate. We can all agree that weather is the six inches of partly cloudy in our basements, and climate is when it’s in our attics.

February 2019
Sam's Side

How Old Am I? Uhhhhh….

But time does what it does best…move on, and I steadily got older and learned a thing or two. Birthdays became something that was no longer anticipated, but dreaded. Being an adult was something that was required, but not desired. Growing up happened, whether I wanted it to or not.

Alive and Kidding

Will I Ever Crave Liver and Lima Beans?

People who sleep only five hours a night probably are heavier because they have the remaining 19 hours of the day to stuff themselves with food, while people who sleep eight hours have only 16. I mean, it’s just basic math.

Just Sayin’

Do You Hear the Timer Ticking?

The longer we live we slowly come to accept that we all have a list to complete:  people we need to see, things we need to say, and truths that need to be told.

Leslie Goes Boom

I Truly Am Wealthy

Not all wealth comes in dollar bills. Some of it comes in happy greetings every time I come home. Some of it comes in a warm cuddle at the end of a long day, and some of it comes in unconditional love times three.

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