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April 2018

An Illness for Days Gone By

This last bug had me digging out albums from The Ink Spots, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and watching the likes of “Gone With the Wind” and “The Philadelphia Story” for the umpteenth time. Such is my pleasure that I always regret waiting until the plague descends on our household before I drag out my classics.


A Taste for Beer Nuts

My incipient alcoholism stopped after I graduated from college, in part because life was no longer frat-centric. In addition. drinking had failed me. I had strived for Joe College aspirations, but ended up more Joe Schmo.


Book to Movie

Other novels with a lesser shelf-life might have gone long by the wayside were it not for the films made from them, which possibly maintain them as part of our cultural history.


Milking The Dairy Farm For All It Was Worth

A box of 12 K-cups contains 4.8 ounces of coffee at an average cost of $8.99. That equates to over $30 a pound. Mother would balk at that, and stick with her 8-cup stove top percolator and Maxwell House which, touted the ads, was "Good till the last drop."


The Railway Express Agency

The Railway Express Agency (REA) did a whole lot more than handle luggage; indeed it provided just about all the services now provided by UPS or FedEx, but used the railroads rather than 18-wheelers and airplanes for carrying items long distances.

March 2018
Alive and Kidding

I Miss My Old Bicycle

As I whooshed past the scenery (all of which had become nothing but a blur) and toward the intersection at the bottom of the hill, visions of myself becoming a permanent part of the logo on the side of an 18-wheeler flashed through my mind.

Walker Gendusa
Just Sayin’

The Magic of the Fry Pan and Fried Chicken

Astounded and perplexed, the doctor was silent. I intervened, “Doc, don’t you know southern fried chicken is healing and the fry pan, magical?”

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

Service for Fourteen

I remember the days when yard sales were unheard of because people never threw, sold, or gave away anything. Regardless of an object’s value, it was stored in the attic or basement or an outdoor shed.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

The Barrymores as Pop Culture Icons

John, Lionel, and Ethel Barrymore were the dynamic trio of siblings who dominated theatre in the early decades of the 20th century, and came to have a prominent place in film — becoming icons of pop culture in a way entertainers had never been before or perhaps since.

Social Insecurity

Make Love, Not War—Then Take a Nap

Truthfully, I never was a real hippie. Oh, I dabbled in the long hair, bell-bottoms, beads, etc., thing. And I spent my fair share of lonely days and nights hitch-hiking across various states.
But I never got into the commune-living, drug-taking, free-sex (dang it) stuff.

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