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July 2017
One More Story...

Hope Springs Eternal

What was going to happen next?  Suddenly a shadow blotted out the sun. I was roughhoused backwards. I cried out, thinking a giant bird had swooped down to haul me away.


Media Fast

I have found that my world doesn’t revolve around media anymore. The debilitating cramp in my neck and shoulder from using the mouse for hours has gone away. When I watch TV, I pay more attention to what and why I’m watching.

June 2017
Social Insecurity

Thanks to Paperboys, We Could ‘Read All about It’

And I say paper “boys” because there were no girls performing what was considered manly work back then. Besides, certainly no decent girl would want to be exposed to such disgusting boy behavior: cussing, teasing, bullying, and practicing the fine art of spitting.


The Knuckleballer and Me

"Dickie Lamb," he said, "If you skip school one more time I'll take that tobacco stick you use for a baseball bat and break it over your head."

May 2017
The Raven Lunatic

The Gift of My Mother’s Wedding Rings

In the few days I’ve worn the rings, I like pondering what they represent. I recognize that not everyone is blessed; life is fraught with complications that fray the knots we tie.

As I Recall...

The Great Iron Horse

In the not too distant past, trains had identities and personality. When streamliners were eloquent, schedules were frequent, and fares were less expensive than for airliners, America traveled coast to coast and border to border on passenger trains.

Leslie Goes Boom

From Bright White to Neon – Sweating It Out In Fashion

We had to wear a bright white, no-stretch cotton, one-piece jumpsuit with legs that came down to mid-thigh. The outfit snapped up the front. Then we’d go out and play kick ball, come back all sweaty, and have to put our street clothes back on in five minutes to get to the next class. No wonder so many kids learned to hate exercise!

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Grace Kelly, Studio One, and Live TV

It has been noted by various biographers that during the shooting of her 1955 film To Catch a Thief, co-star Cary Grant was awed by Grace Kelly’s ability to deftly improvise a scene.  She explained to him it was because of her early training in live television.

As I See It

Scruffy Dogs and Magical Fireflies

One of my favorite things was flitting around at dusk catching fireflies. A jar full of lightning bugs could light up the container like a fairy wand had waved its magic over it.

April 2017
The Hippocratic Oaf

Johnny Carson's Paperclips

We entered another studio and there it was – the throne of all Hollywood. It was the desk of Johnny Carson. I couldn’t help myself, I ran at full speed toward the desk, an out-of-control, precocious 11-year-old.

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