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September 2016
Phase Three

Politics Will Compete with TV Watching

I met President Gerald Ford in a reception room in a sports arena on Long Island where he had just given a campaign speech. When we shook hands, the first thought that came to my mind was that he seemed too small to have played center on a University of Michigan football team.

* * * * *

I recall what writer and TV personality William Buckley said, when running on a lark for mayor of New York, and a reporter asked him what he would do if he won. He replied, "I'll demand a recount!"

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

Summer Softball Games

From the trained eye, our games lacked even a hint of sophistication, but we didn’t care. It was the fun that was important, not strict adherence to baseball rules. And that’s what we called it — baseball. Even when we played with a wiffle ball, it was baseball.


Living Life With Lots of Batteries

I also miss my old car; it had a powerful V8 that would roar through dual exhausts when I stomped on the gas pedal. I felt like King of the Road in that automobile, especially when gas station attendants swarmed the car to check its vital signs and wash the windshield. Now I’ve got a wimpy plug-in electric car that recharges at home in my garage — what a loss of virility!


What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go,” I remember her saying. Her time to go was a couple of weeks before her 90th birthday. Can’t swear to it, but her last meal was probably bacon and eggs.

August 2016
As I Recall...

Antique Mode of Communicating Gone Like Smoke

The first time I saw the agent at work sending and receiving telegraph messages, I was impressed with the proficiency and speed of the exchanges. He was able to listen to the telegraph instrument, translate the code mentally, copy the messages on a manual typewriter and carry on a conversation with me simultaneously.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

An Old Cowbell Rings Memories

Every now and then I come across something from my childhood that jolts the past to the present. It might be Dad's tattered and torn barn jacket hanging on a nail, or a picture of Jude feeding one of the workhorses. Perhaps it's one of Mom's fancy aprons tucked in a drawer. It could be the little stool Gram sat on while she milked the cows, or a dozen gunny sacks tied together with a piece of binder twine. 

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Rosalind Russell's Flooded Movie Premiere

In her autobiography, she recalls, "Before the rains came, I rode in a parade in a white satin dress that was all beaded, with a matching little thing that sat on my head, being Princess Grace all over the joint."

July 2016
The Raven Lunatic

Getting Stuck in our Musical Favorites

Take a look at the Top 30 Hits of 1955. The rock classic, “Rock Around the Clock,” grabs second place. Most of the top groups or artists are those I associate with my parents – Mitch Miller, Roger Williams, Les Baxter, the Four Aces, the McGuire Sisters, Pat Boone, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and old Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra.


The Traumatic Birth of The Magic Box

We had all heard about this great new electronic device that we could have once the war was over. But no, there was no television for 99% of the American people. Most of us had not considered that in order to have television, you had to have television stations, supplied by television producers, with television programs, written by television writers and performed by television actors.


Perfect Score on the ‘Older Than Dirt' Quiz

Party lines on the telephone. I believe we were on a five-party line. Our ring was three longs and two shorts. When Mother picked up the phone and realized other people were talking on it, she hung up after just a minute or two.

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