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June 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Acid Blockers May Lead to Gluten Sensitivity

If your gut lining is damaged due to extended use or misuse of potent acid blockers, or gluten, then your brain chemicals are imbalanced. This leads to depression and anxiety.

Eat Right Now

Chocolate-dipped Deception

One of the most disrespectful things you can do to your temple is feed it sugar. More than 8,000 scientific papers support the premise that sugar not only makes people fat but also sick. To place sweet poison into so many foods is like back-alley drug dealers spiking the punch so you'll want more. 

Leslie Goes Boom

The Stigma of Mental Illness – How Depressing

I know few people who haven’t either been touched by some type of mental illness personally or know a close friend or family member who has. Nevertheless, the stigma of having a mental illness remains socially poor.

May 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Benzodiazepine Dangers and Lies

Benzodiazepines are among the most prescribed drugs for the elderly, and their side effects are associated with dizziness and drowsiness, and of course, the natural consequence to that, falling and hip fractures.

Eat Right Now

Mellow Yellow: One Person's Weed – Another Person's Medicine

Dandelion greens, flower tops, and roots are a galaxy of medicinal stars – rich in folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamin E and powerful antioxidant vitamin C that are essential for optimum health.

April 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Here's What Happens When You Cry

As an added effect, our emotional pain tolerance increases after we have cried. This is human nature. Some other interesting benefits associated with crying include enhanced communication, better coping skills and antibacterial effects.

Eat Right Now

I'm Cuckoo for Cashews

Two handfuls of cashews is the therapeutic equivalent of a prescription dose of Prozac. Inside your temple chemistry, L-tryptophan is broken down into anxiety-reducing, snooze-inducing niacin.

March 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Avoiding Salt is Bad for Your Heart

In 2010, a study published in JAMA found that (in exactly the opposite of what most of you think about salt consumption), the risk of heart disease and related deaths rises with seemingly modest salt reductions. Yes, rises! ... Another 2010 study published by researchers out of Harvard, found a link between a low-salt diet and an increase in insulin resistance, which is the gateway problem that leads to diabetes and obesity. 

February 2017
Dear Pharmacist

One Misdiagnosis Leads to a Lifetime of Suffering

This drug will make her feel really good – she will no doubt want more and become physically dependent in 3 weeks. A trial run of thyroid medication alone could have worked, because when you normalize thyroid hormone, anxiousness stops. 

Eat Right Now

Reconnecting to Mother Earth: Herbal Medicine

From mint to marijuana, there are hundreds of botanicals that serve many vital medicinal and health purposes. Potent medical plants you're likely to find in the wildernesses of your back yard can be anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, insect repellent, antiseptic, expectorant, antibacterial, detoxifying, fever reduction, or antihistamine.

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