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February 2018

Dizzy at our House? Climb in Bed with My Husband

A true believer, he proselytizes to our dizzy friends. Lately he whisked Judy, a positional vertigo sufferer, away from our book group. He took her downstairs to our bedroom, where he put her on our bed, and demonstrated the Brant-Daroff maneuver.

November 2017
Dear Pharmacist

Reality Check - Do B Vitamins Cause Cancer?

The dietary supplements taken were more than likely synthetic and/or not biologically active because that’s what’s sold in 99 percent of dietary supplements.

Eat Right Now

Back Away from the PB Jar!

Today, we live in an era of surfacing truths that reveal many of the “wholesome” foods we’ve grown to love, aren’t so wholesome. Most people eat too many omega 6s, which peanut butter is loaded with, and too few omega 3s which peanut butter lacks completely.

Eat Right Now

Favorite Holiday Foods? You Can Make Them So Much Better

Need to thicken a soup or sauce? Try blending in mashed sweet potato, bean or pumpkin puree. And for goodness sakes, drop the can of nutritionally bogus, sugar-filled jellied cranberry crapola. Pull out the food processor and make your own fresh.

Levine's Levity

Heart to Heart: Cookie and Me

In song, a heart skipping a beat can be sublime, but in real life an arrhythmia can create vulnerability. It did in my life. I went from a healthy middle-ager to a balding, 60-year-old when I got my diagnosis.

A Healthy Age

Green for Bones

Over half of postmenopausal women will experience a bone fracture as the result of osteoporosis. Similarly, one out of four osteoporosis patients is male and 30% of hip fractures occur in men.


What a Pain

Unlike a heart or kidney, you do not get someone else’s knee: it pretty much comes in a box like a pair of shoes from Amazon Prime. You just have to pray it’s going to fit. And there’s a lousy return policy.

October 2017

Keeping Safe and Healthy for the Holidays

Don’t hesitate to accept help offered by family members when it comes to caregiving duties or meal preparation. Accepting help can make the holidays better for everyone. If you’re “on duty” 24 hours a day and suddenly your great-niece offers to play cards with Grandpa while you take a nap… do it!

Phase Three

The Aging Process Isn't for Wimps

A friend once sent me an e-mail that included a statement, the source of which I do not know. It said: "Life is a gift. Unwrap it." In other words, try to live your life as fully and as well as you can. It's worth it, to you as well as your family and friends.

Eat Right Now

Do Seniors Need to Take Vitamins?

Real plant-food vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals activates your body’s inner healer. Man-made, artificially created nutrition your cells struggle to identify and use, do not.

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