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May 2012

James Drury Recalls Glory Days as ‘The Virginian’ Marks 50th Anniversary

In a recent interview from his home in Houston, Texas, Drury admits “I’m very proud of the show and I believe in the Cowboy Way it represents: If it isn’t true, don’t say it. If it isn’t yours, don’t take it. If it isn’t right, don’t do it.


Requiem for a Wooden Cabinet TV

Al Gore would be extremely pleased to learn that most components from the mammoth TV have already been melted down and flowed into the pool of raw material used to manufacture As-Seen-on-TV products.

Inside Out and Round About

Thanks for the Memories

For others, Veterans Memorial Day is like Thanksgiving Day. Thanks for the GI Bill that allowed me to get a decent education and thus a decent job when I returned from duty. Thanks for the veterans loan to help me purchase a house for my family and me.

April 2012

Special Times

Calendars continued to change numbers, as did our ages, and I waited for “special time” to cease. When it didn’t, I thought of a more permanent way for the teen to remember our relationship once I’m no longer alive. Grandma and Me was going to become a personal story he didn’t know I was keeping.

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