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June 2014


I noticed a cute girl from my school across the lobby and gathering up all my courage, went to talk to her. Unfortunately, what I learned was that a guy should never be singing, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair” when he walks up to a girl. And I probably would have been more successful if I didn’t have chocolate-covered peanuts caught between my teeth.


An Old Man’s Memories

I thought I was getting old when I reached age 21. Many around me at college were younger. They had not been in the service, as I had. So I took extra courses to graduate sooner – in 3 instead of 4 years – and get started with life.


Definitely Bigger But Has That Made TV Better?

We wanted to see clearly and in detail all the football games, because we are both big fans of the game. We always have referred to that big set fondly as our “big-butt” TV. It has a mere 51-inch screen. That’s half the size of the new Vizio model.

Agelessly Yours

Five Fears According To...

Rosie and I scrambled down from the Protestant steps with a solemn promise to God and to Sister that we would stay with "our own kind." We're sure God will be understanding but not so sure about Sister, but Rosie married a Jewish man and I married  —  God only knows what I married, but we two “girls” still have our sights on heaven.

May 2014
Puttin' on the Gritz

My ‘Fair' Lady

She didn't say a word but her open mouth resembled a large-mouth bass.

Daddy had been reading the newspaper. When he looked up to say goodbye, the ragged breath he took sounded like an advanced case of emphysema.

They both must have wondered why the voice of the hussy standing before them sounded so much like their daughter. They both stared at me.


Almost a Saint

I’m worried that the dementia is getting worse. My mom tries to hide it but she sometimes gets confused about what’s going on around her. To help keep her mind sharp I always try to have a conversation with her to jog her memory. I don’t mind doing it. Like I said, I’m almost a saint.

April 2014

The Country Schoolhouse

When the Rural Electrification Program rolled through the area, they drilled 8-ft. deep holes to hold the poles for the electrical wires. An idea of fun for these guys was to chase down one of the smaller students and put him in one of the holes upside down. It was only when he didn’t show up for class after recess that we missed him, traced him down and rescued him.

March 2014

Your Hometown Newspaper

These weeklies are like a diary for the county's citizens, recounting the daily lives of local people, publishing their social, religious, business and political news that would never be printed in the daily papers.

February 2014

Snow Storms Bring Back Depression-era Memories

But I am thankful for it was that era that grew 'the greatest generation' and built the backbone of America. From this group came the soldiers, marines and sailors who won World War II. So many who were in the Battle of the Bulge in Germany and survived those terrible freezing conditions say they were able to survive because of the way they grew up back in the pre-war days.


A Valentine’s Day Adventure

She looked happy and thanked me but also seemed a little bewildered. I explained that this was the watch she wanted 15 years ago at Manteo’s Jewelry Store. She explained that the watch was beautiful but it was Santelli’s Jewelry Store and what she wanted back then was earrings.

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