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November 2015
As I Recall...

Over the River and Through the Woods

The men folk would gather in the living room or family room to chat about the upcoming football game or recent fishing and/or hunting trips while they waited for the call to dinner. I listened to them all and was soon aware that the fish in the first story was never the largest or weighed the most.

Canavan Heslop

Take Care of the Squadron

Taking Daddy to work often meant a quick trip to the airfield. Mother, still dressed in her robe, threw on a jacket to fool the neighbors in the pre-dawn darkness. Daddy’s uniform would be a flight suit, his helmet wedged between the crook in his arm and his waist.

Social Insecurity

Well, Yogi, Looks Like It’s Definitely ‘Over’

Early in his career, an umpire reportedly told Yogi that he was the ugliest player he’d ever seen. Yogi responded, “So I’m ugly. I never saw anyone hit with his face,” and that was the end of that.

October 2015
Laverne's View

Clinging to the Past

I relived the milestones associated with old greeting cards, caressed the yellowing photographs and possessions of departed loved ones and savored treasured mementos of my children’s youth. Those items would be meaningless to anyone else, but to me each one summoned a spectrum of incredible feelings.


Pennies Don’t Always Make Cents

The bank lobby shook when Gramps angrily shouted: “How will people be able to buy penny candy with that?” and “Where do the words In God We Trust appear on the bitcoin?”

Social Insecurity

Trick or Treats over the Years

When our three boys got old enough, we would sometimes host a Halloween party for their friends. One advantage to having three messy little boys was that we could provide a scary looking house of horrors without changing a thing.

Moving On

Kinfolk Competition

There we were, flying down Highway 65 South, several miles out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, at a breakneck speed trying to get to the church on time, when I glanced back to see if my dress was riding okay. Of course not! My pretty new dress was hanging on the tailgate!


Canaries and Barrettes

Sure, the gadget floor of nearby Macy's had wonder, but only for my mother. I preferred merely to place my feet on the wooden escalator strips and just ride. But Woolworth had underwear, perfume, school supplies, pets, embroidery material, curtains, knitting needles, buttons, toys, costumes, party goods....

September 2015
Lawrenzi, Jr.

That Ain't No Lady

The New York Post became famous overnight when it covered a murder story and ran the following headline, “Headless Body in Topless Bar.” And what historian could ever forget the wonderful miscue by the Chicago Daily Tribune in the 1948 presidential election, “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

Levine's Levity

The Musically Vanishing `60s

My favorite song, that summer that make me feel almost 13, though, was “Sherry.” My fifth grade crush was a Sherry, so just like Frankie Valli, it was exciting to think of asking her to “come out tonight,” though what would happen after Sherry emerged from her split level, I never could imagine.

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