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September 2017
Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

The Whirl of Autumn Flies

There’s something about growing old and falling asleep while reading that puts us in a deep trance. It takes more than a book falling across our nose to awaken us. It takes the humming of a fly.

Gray Matter

Hot Mama – My Experiment with Red Lipstick

Day 6: I alternated between feeling stupid and sexy as heck. If you wear red lipstick know that women will often ask you, “What are you wearing that color for?” (Men never ask that question.) 

My Thoughts Today


I don’t know how to be elderly. I’ve never been before. But I didn’t know how to be young or to be an adult until I was. I grew into those stages, as I’m growing into this one.

Levine's Levity

Grass over Turf

From Mom’s grumblings, I got the idea that the so-called Sport of Kings was sleazy, so why would Dad play horses instead of playing catch at home?   


Paddling with a Shark

We decided that if people were still in the water, we’d take the chance that the shark wasn’t interested. Even if his appetite had returned, there were lots of folks to choose from.


In Memory of My Grandfather

He told me enchanting tales of Ireland and also the atrocities the British committed against the Irish. Almost daily he would challenge me to spell new words and stressed the importance of reading. He encouraged me to take risks, to be independent and adventurous.

August 2017
Laverne's View

Let's Trade Places For a Moment

The wrinkles on our faces, and the canes that we lean on are not indicative of who we are. We do not want to be viewed with pity, disdain, tolerance or condescension. We don't want to be a burden. We ask only that you be patient, and understand that while all of this is new for you, it is also new for us.

Sam's Side

The Pitfalls of Perks

So what does that tell me? It doesn’t say that I looked like a distinguished senior. It doesn’t say that I carried myself as a somewhat hip and stylish older gentleman. Nope. It told me simply and only, that to the 20-somethings behind the ticket office window, I looked old enough to be their grandfather.

Leslie Goes Boom

A Trip to Crazy

Then there were the times I drove off with my purse on the hood of the car, couldn’t find the car keys hanging in their regular spot by the back door, couldn’t find my glasses on top of my head, and couldn’t remember why I walked into a room.

Senior Moments

Dealing with Diminished Life Energy

Bill’s building that wall, despite his illness, a few stones at a time, inspired me to deal in a positive way with having less energy. I decided that whenever I needed to get something done that I didn’t feel like doing, I would do a “Billy.”

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