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July 2017
Just Sayin’

America, The Land That I Love

America is relatively new. We don’t have the old castles, or remnants of old Roman civilizations that once roamed over its fields. We don’t have kings or queens, tsars or regimes. Instead our power is in our freedom.

Senior Moments

Ten Cups of Coffee: Small Choices for a Happier Life

I accepted when I became Medicare eligible that my life moving forward was unlikely to be all peaches and cream. However, as the years continued to roll along, and the warranties running out started to grind me down more and more, I decided to make it a priority to make my life easier and happier whenever possible.

Slice of Life

Swiftly Flow the Days

We rose and faced the back of the church. My husband Frank walked Heidi down the aisle. Most people, I’m sure, saw a beautiful, elegant woman in taffeta and pearls, but I saw a hundred moments in time.

Tunnel Visions

Raise Your Eyebrow — If You Can

Then one day an eight-year-old girl was looking at me and my older sister. She decided I was older than my sister, partly because I have gray hair, while my sister tints hers. But also because, “You don’t have any eyebrows.”

One More Story...

Greenhorn No More

I was getting sore from getting thumped by muscular legs and sharp hooves as the animals wriggled and kicked and scraped and pushed and bawled and mooed.

June 2017
Laverne's View

Incident on Interstate 40 – Compassion or the Law?

The moment the words escaped from my throat I froze and waited for him to whip out handcuffs. His eyes narrowed, and never left mine for a torturous 10 or more seconds. Suddenly, without saying a word, he pivoted and walked to his car, where he stood rooted in place…his back to me.

Sam's Side

Death of a Fisherman

I start swinging my hook like a wrecking ball as my father digs through his tackle box. He turns at precisely the wrong moment, and my hook catches him in the eyelid.


My Dad Was a Hero

Dad wanted to play sports in school but couldn’t because he was needed to work. He left high school before graduating to join the U.S. Army at age 17. The Army was a good fit for him and provided the first new suit of clothing and shoes he had ever worn in his life.

Just Sayin’

The Cure for Grumpy Old Folks

Now that I am in official senior territory along with a bunch of other baby boomers, we have to keep on laughing. We have to think of ourselves as young, vital, important, and really cackle out loud.


My Aunt Nellie

I can’t recall one of my birthdays that Aunt Nellie didn’t swoop in sometime during the day with an impossibly magnificent cake at which everyone would “ooh and aaah” — both when presented in all its beauty and later when the tribe fell on the offering like a bunch of starving seagulls.

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