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November 2016

Boy, Was I Wrong!

So now, I have to put up with the ringing in my ears, askingpeople to speak up a little louder, bouts with bursitis, acid reflux which requires me to watch what I eat, and lower back pain from spinal stenosis – those same issues I remember being discussed by adults when I was much younger.

Just Sayin’

Thankful, Two Days Later

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with a big spoonful of mashed potatoes, plates of laughter, and be grateful in all things. Perhaps make your own list to be thankful again two days later, and two days after that.

Just Sayin’

The Final Flight

A soldier came home to Colorado on an almost-October day – a man who fought for us to be able to fly anywhere we want. He fought and died for us to have the freedom to sit down when his flag is raised or to respectfully stand. A soldier whose bravery keeps us having the freedom to make choices and share differing beliefs. A soldier who enabled us to fight our political battles and vote for our leaders.


Reclaiming Recess

I am here after dark and the grounds are officially closed (which, by the way, is the very best time to properly enjoy a playground, and adds to the overall pleasure of it immensely). And so, with the stars grinning overhead, the moon in cahoots, and the trees whispering conspiratorially, it is a truly brilliant recess.


Of Fork Tines and Family

I began to hear too many times about sterling only being used for company, and “what if your child broke a crystal glass?” Why not? I’d rather it be used and my child accidentally broke it than it sat like a display waiting for another to take it when I’m gone and decide it’s just too old or not pretty enough to be kept.

Agelessly Yours

Hear This If You Dare

I had a mere 16-pound turkey in my cart when this I-wish-she’d-mind-her-own-business cashier asked, “Hey, Ma’am, do you need any help carrying that thing out to your car?” Help carrying this lightweight turkey out to the car? Couldn’t she see by looking at me that I was used to lugging around 35 extra pounds — no sweat.

October 2016
Sam's Side

The Perfect Crime

I’ve been obsessed with the Titanic since I was a child. This led me to a fascination with large ships in general and the Titanic in particular. My friends who know this are often thrilled with my long winded – but horribly entertaining and instructional – speeches on the Titanic.

Phase Three

When Games Become Too Fan-tastic

I still vividly remember the card games he described to me, of men expecting to go into combat in the very near future and of the incredible sums of money they would pour into the pots. To them, of course, the bills were literally just pieces of paper.

The Hippocratic Oaf

Lifetime Reserve Days; Run Logan Run!

A beneficiary is deemed to have elected not to use lifetime reserve days for outlier days if the average daily charge for the outlier days for which lifetime reserve days would otherwise be available is equal to or less than the daily coinsurance … Again, I fell asleep, so maybe that example was too long.

As I Recall...

The Walk Home After the Halloween Movie

At 10 or 11 years of age, I wasn’t afraid of anything except the dark, strange noises in the dark, shadows, black cats, and witches and werewolves following me in the dark. Of course you can understand that. A dog howling in the next block just had to be a werewolf.

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