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February 2018
Just Sayin’

Mama and Her Chocolate Box of Valentines

I am in awe of those that marry and stay together until they depart this earth. They are held together like the old glue that was used on those cards. They forge memories and their lives become intertwined into one.

Leslie Goes Boom

Boomers Are Booming

People over 50 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. The Small Business Administration research shows that 2% of millennials are self-employed versus 8.3% for boomers. So boomers are actually driving the entrepreneurial boom.

The Expiration Date

The Search for Magic, Miracles, and Meaning

When I had lost all of my data, photos, and memories when my computers crashed before, it was like starting over and being forced to let go of the past and the details I deemed so important. Gone were the selfies, the precious links, the bookmarks, and the videos, not to mention a lot of my work. Oh, how attached we become.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

Time to Get Out the Butter Knife

Mom used to say that on especially arctic nights the milk in our baby bottles froze. It’s a wonder we didn’t perish from the cold as infants, but we were hardy. As a teenager, I wrapped my school clothes around the stovepipe in an attempt to warm them.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Lovers Forever

Romance never dies. People grow older but the love spark remains in them forever. Cherish it, make the flame burn brightly, and you will be pleasantly surprised at what it does for your life.

Gray Matter

How Love Changes

Having a relationship with a man in your senior years is like having your legs waxed; it starts out hot, quickly turns painful, and you end up crying.


Dating, Chapter II

We cuddle when we watch TV and sometimes when we listen to music. He is passionate about classical music, as am I. We are also passionate about sex. It’s not as frequent or as sweaty as in our youth, but wonderfully satisfying nonetheless.

November 2017
The Raven Lunatic

Nana and Her Smart Phone Are Digging the Scene

I rarely, rarely comment on our son’s posts. Okay, I break that rule all the time. Last night our son went to see Apocalyptica in Washington, D.C., so I commented on the picture he posted. Do I know Apocalyptica from a hole in the ground? No, but the venue was beautiful.

Phase Three

Your Seasonal Senses Will Tell You the Most

Halloween is somewhat quickly followed by Election Day, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving – a series of holidays that as you get older usually trigger what I call the three R's: Remembrances, Regrets and Reflection.

Just Sayin’

Thanksgiving in the Garden

The following day was Thanksgiving. Our family that had gathered to say goodbye to my father would, once again, scatter to other parts of the country. However, it was Thanksgiving. Why not, before we say our own goodbyes, gather for a meal?

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