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November 2017
Tunnel Visions

Who Should Take a Seat at the Kids’ Table This Holiday Season?

Fast forward to the third generation. My sister tried to have a kids’ table several times at Thanksgiving. This has fallen by the wayside, perhaps because we both have opinionated, stubborn children who refuse to take orders, such as “Sit at the kids’ table.

Puttin' on the Gritz

A Quarter's Worth

My earliest years were spent listening for air raid sirens, watching Mama count out food rations, and wondering why some man named Gabriel Heatter was so angry at the world. My brother and I ate silently (because in those days children were seen and not heard), while Mama and Daddy spoke quietly of a distant relative who had lost a leg in the war or a neighbor's son who had lost his life.

One More Story...

A Bridge Too Far Gone

The peak was forgotten when a slab of black clouds blotted out the sun. As though driven by the sizzling zigzags of white-hot lightning, a phalanx of wind laden with a slanting sheet of cold rain struck us, followed instantly by terrifying cannonades of thunder.

October 2017
Laverne's View


My phone is trained to take messages. Am I a horrible person if I listen to someone leave a message, then make a mental note to return their call when it’s more convenient like, sometime before I die?

Sam's Side

The Haunting of a Young Boy

Immediately I thought of all the people who may have lived and died in this house, and of the poor widows looking forlornly for their husbands who were never coming back. I immediately imagined the old house to be haunted.

Phase Three

The Aging Process Isn't for Wimps

A friend once sent me an e-mail that included a statement, the source of which I do not know. It said: "Life is a gift. Unwrap it." In other words, try to live your life as fully and as well as you can. It's worth it, to you as well as your family and friends.

Just Sayin’

Forever in Pink

Yet, the reflection also shows a group standing behind you. They whisper, “You will return, your hair will grow, your circles will fade.” They are the sisterhood that once walked the halls in the pink house. Without them, this pink world would turn to solid gray gloom.

As I Recall...

Halloween Night Adventures

And, of course it isn’t a rabbit. Let’s not forget where we are and what night this is. Of course it isn’t a harmless little animal. No, it’s more likely a Zombie or a blood-sucking vampire. Maybe everybody in this graveyard isn’t dead tonight.

Musings of an Undefeated Matriarch

No More to Play the Wild Rover

It’s understandable why we weep over the death of a person, but why do we feel such sorrow when we lose a pet? Is it because they unconditionally accept us, never pass judgment, and always listen to our problems?


Words Matter

My wife was still laughing uncontrollably when she handed the phone to me to speak to our son who was also laughing very hard. When he was able to stop laughing he explained to me that it was impossible for me to have a torn labia as that was part of female genitalia.

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