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July 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Fake Facebook Requests, Outlook Backup, and Make Your Own Apps

To clean up your mom's situation, search Facebook for your mother's name, or a slight variation of it. If you spot a fake account, report it to Facebook via the "three dot menu" that appears below the header photo.

June 2017
Add One More Day...

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete dolt. I know the difference between a noun and a verb, aisle or isle, their, there or they’re. I got some smarts … just none that relate to anything particularly useful to future generations.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Roku Advice, Internet Filters, and USB-C

Controlling the Internet is a bit like trying to take a sip from a wide-open fire hose. Not only does it take considerable strength to hold on to the hose, the speed of even a trickle can sting your face and drench your clothing. Innocent bystanders get wet too. In short, it is a mess.


Why Your ‘Connected’ Car Could Become a Hacker’s Dream Machine

Malware can be installed to later do bad things like set off air bags, lock the doors so you can't get out, or even take control of the vehicle...So far, there is no profit motive for vehicle hacking, but hackers are probably looking for one. One possibility is holding you ransom like locking doors or not allow engine starting until you send some money via your bank account or PayPal.

* * * * *

Connectivity allows access for hackers. So do simple items like remote and keyless entry, factory-installed garage door openers, Bluetooth, and even tire pressure monitors if they are connected to vehicle computer systems.

May 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Telephone Beware, Password Security, Video-Gamer Grandson

If your bank does not use two-factor, request they adopt it soon. Two-factor authentication is so important that I suggest favoring any business that uses it over one that does not.

April 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Fake News, Fake Phone Numbers, and Battery Dangers

I know of a case where a specific error message on Kindle, when searched on Google, would return a fake Amazon page with instructions to call a specific telephone number. Anyone who responded became a victim of fraud. Sadly, fake phone numbers are common online.


Don't Get Locked Out of Your Car

These fobs not only let you secure and unlock your vehicle without using a key, they also let you start the engine remotely, set the driver seat to your desired preferences, pre-cool or pre-heat the interior before your trip, and more.

* * * * *

Just like the habit of putting on your seatbelt every time you enter your vehicle, get into the habit of checking for your keys every time you exit the vehicle.   

March 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Voices Commands, Home Automation, and iPhone Battery Life

Home automation is a loosely defined term that includes a mix of products and services. Many of them show great promise, but they are not fully baked yet. There are incompatible standards, a device from company A is unlikely to work with a device from company B. Some vendors have gone out of business, stranding users. Often a device will solve one problem only to create two new, different problems. Steer clear and wait until the products mature and some clear winners emerge.


Ford 2021: No Steering Wheel? No Brakes? No Thanks!

But in the driverless car, you’re stuck. I suppose you can program stops, such as McDonald’s, rest areas and scenic overlooks into its GPS, but otherwise this car has a mind of its own, but no bladder. So good luck if you really have to go.

February 2017
Phase Three

Finding Humanity in the Modern Age

House calls seemingly are a thing of the past, as are many other factors of our existence as lifestyles and societies change, but hopefully values and concerns remain reasonably constant. If not, then perhaps we are marching to the beat of the wrong drummer.

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