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May 2012

Driving Computers with Wheels

Lane departure, pedestrian, and drowsy driving warning systems as well as brake assistance and active cruise control save lives, but their displays and warnings can be a distraction especially to seniors.

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Change Gmail Default Font and a Host of Other Hot Tips

Wimp has a single purpose: To locate the best videos on the Web -- but not just any videos, nosiree. Its focus is G-rated, family-oriented videos so you don't have to worry about your grandkids viewing something that would make a sailor swoon.

April 2012

Smart Seniors with Smart Devices

Now GPS tracking devices and special applications for phones and electronic tablets help the elderly retain their dignity and freedom.

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Uninstall iPad Apps

Think of Elderpost as a Craig's List for Senior Care. This is a site where seniors, care-givers, and families can post ads for, or search for, anything and everything having to do with seniors, care-giving and aging.

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Retrofit Laptop with Wireless

The connection doesn't care what sites you visit or what programs you use with it. It's a bit like buying a new car and asking "Will it drive to San Diego?" The car doesn't care where it goes.

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