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November 2016

Welcoming a 3D World

There are also printers that can layer chocolate into customized shapes. Shoes, sunglasses, gnocchi, sugary confections, and Hollywood costumes are being pumped out at a faster and less expensive rate.

October 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Organizing Your Photo Collection, Wi-Fi Everywhere, and Facebook Backups

Facebook has been around for a dozen years now, and chances are excellent that you have built up quite a scrapbook of memories. Or maybe you want to carefully review everything you've ever shared. There is a very simple way to download a copy of everything you have ever posted to Facebook.

September 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Everything You Need to Know about Cutting Cable TV – And Still Getting to Watch More Than You’ll Ever Have Time For

One last personal thought on dropping cable TV. I did not consider this beforehand, but have come to value it most of all. Going online sharply raised the quality. It cut way back on the ambient noise of throw-away programming, and added a healthy level of intention to how we spend our viewing time.


Cans Should Be Airtight Metal Containers Only

Tin cans, as a child, were for collecting for the “war effort.” Currently, “canned” has nothing to do with food preservation but, rather, laughter. A television comedy, so unsure of its content, has a laugh-track doing its “ha ha” after almost every line spoken.

August 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

CallerID Scams, Summer Reading, USB Flash Drive Speed

All of them will claim they are who they say they are, "just look at your callerID." I have gotten some version of every one of those calls, and many more. The bottom line is that callerID can be faked, it does not verify anything.


Is This Stuff Really Smarter than Us?

Am I ready for a chip to be implanted, since my retina is of no use, to eventually get me in and out of places? Will the chip be recalled like some hip implants have been in the last few years? When I go through an MRI with an ID chip, will it set the machine into a spin or erase all the information as the magnets would with my credit cards?

July 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Smartphone Banking, Voice Dictation, and Location Services

Smartphones do a fairly decent job of keeping track of where they are, and in the last couple of years location tracking has become practical. Once you get past the potential creep factor, there are many good reasons to share location information – everything from a day at Disneyland to monitoring at-risk individuals with medical concerns.


Double-sided Drama Mask

I did a search for my name, and a string of pictures also appeared. An attractive woman with a full head of curly white hair, wearing glasses, showing a pleasant smile was there. However, that’s not a photo of me under my name!

June 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Data Loss, Word Processing, and Safer Online Accounts

And before you think that it can't happen to you, think again. Because it will. The key is to maintain at least three copies of everything: Archive copies, local disk backups, and an off-site disk backup.


Autonomous Vehicle Technology Could Help The Blind

A Blaid device would augment, not replace, canes, guide dogs and basic GPS devices now used to provide more information about surroundings...It also plans to expand the device to include mapping, object identification and facial recognition capabilities.

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