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May 2018

A Self-driving Car, Really?

America is so vast that it can’t possibly be explored by foot, or via train, or self-driving car. The automobile is the testosterone of American spirit. And at 15, it felt like I was about to be

April 2018
Bob’s Tech Talk

Smart Speakers, Home Automation, and Privacy

My advice is simple: Experiment with the voice control features already on your smartphone. Give home automation products more time to mature. Apple's HomePod has a good security story, but smart speakers are not as innocent as they seem in those gorgeous TV commercials.

* * * * *

A basic awareness of what can happen to the data you leave in your wake is a thought-provoking exercise. The more you automate, the more you reveal and record about your daily life.


March 2018
Bob’s Tech Talk

Kindle Advice, Robot Toys, How to Leave Facebook

When I first joined Facebook, it was fun. Now, it is a distraction I do not need in my life. Can I delete my account?

February 2018
Bob’s Tech Talk

iPhone Battery Woes, Battery Apps, Retire a Smartphone

So phones use different methods to make a guess as to how much power remains. The older the phone, the less accurate the guess. These "lies" are not evil-minded, they are the natural result of battery chemistry.


Technology: The Good, the Bad, the Modern Conundrum

We have all seen the individuals so addicted to today’s technology and apps that they are always looking at their phones rather than paying attention to their surroundings, or always snapping selfies rather than interacting, or always videoing an event rather than participating and enjoying the moment. Where is conversation? Where is interaction? Where is an honest interest in others?


Is That My Echo?

The person selling these kinds of products always claims something like "It's so easy to use. Just plug it in." This is never true, although I got my new desk lamp working in under an hour.

November 2017
The Raven Lunatic

Nana and Her Smart Phone Are Digging the Scene

I rarely, rarely comment on our son’s posts. Okay, I break that rule all the time. Last night our son went to see Apocalyptica in Washington, D.C., so I commented on the picture he posted. Do I know Apocalyptica from a hole in the ground? No, but the venue was beautiful.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Traveling With Technology

The U.S. Department of State has a checklist to help prepare for international travel, although it's useful for any sort of travel. Do not overlook the downloadable PDF card and the section for older travelers.

* * * * *

I have become completely dependent on my phone while traveling for schedules, navigation, and e-tickets. As a result, I have fallen in love with the fiendishly clever Away carry-on. It is a four-wheel suitcase with an internal battery large enough to charge other devices.

October 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Email Aliases, Search Fraud, and a New Computer

I would like to get my granddaughter her own computer for Christmas. Which one should I get?


Technology Hell – Only the Names Have Changed, Not the Empty Promises

I was a pioneer in home computers having bought an IBM PC in 1982. With advanced technology, 64K, double diskette drives, monochrome display, DOS 1.1, I heard the “easy” promise from a salesperson who sold me an IBM word processor called Easy Writer 1.1 that was so easy she, herself, couldn't make a backup copy of the original program disk and had to take it to an engineer!

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