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May 2019

Marry Alexa? It’s a Dull Proposal.

People tell me I need to just ask her yes and no questions, so I do. I asked her if baseball is the world’s greatest sport. She gave me an update on major league baseball. I appreciated her
effort, but she didn’t answer my question. 

April 2019
Leslie Goes Boom

Capturing History

There are photos of Mom and Dad standing in front of the Trevi Fountain. Dad’s in a suit and tie. Mom has on a dress, stockings, and high heels. Most amazing, there’s only one other couple anywhere to be found surrounding the fountain!


Sized-up or Down?

Yes, I do remember I once had a screen that had been used with my 16mm movie film. I’d pull up the screen from the bottom of its weighty storage rectangle, and stop at the height available where it affixed to a metal pole that was part of the back. With aging, the wall became easier.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Stolen Passwords, iPhone Security, 5G Cell Networks

The idea that technology is spoiling everything is not new. This podcast covers moments in history when conventional wisdom was sure new inventions like the bicycle or the umbrella would bring ruination upon us all.

March 2019
The Hippocratic Oaf

What is Medicare Telehealth? It’s VAMIPI, Of Course.

He still thinks Julie should have given him 4 stethoscopes, but that’s life. He cannot wait until next month to upload his MRI onto the website. Now your MRI can be reviewed by a radiologist, a vascular surgeon, a plumber, a school teacher and a hairdresser!

Bob’s Tech Talk

Home Automation, Personal Dashboards, and iPhone Live Listen

Internet Archive: This site rarely shows up in search results, which is a shame, because it hosts one of largest collections of knowledge ever created. Use the site's search page to access
 millions of free books, movies, software, music, and Websites.

February 2019

‘Neighbor Spoofing,’ Better Audio Phone Calls, and Touchscreen Gloves

Every Frame a Painting: Tony and Taylor discuss the visual language of moving pictures, using scenes from a vast array of films as the basis for exploring new ways to see. This YouTube channel will forever change how you perceive movies.


Learning a Foreign Language at 75

About a year ago I read in a senior publication how learning a foreign language can help maintain mental acuity as one aged, and for my 75th birthday I decided to give myself a present: one last shot at learning to speak Spanish, this time by using an online program.


Now Read This!

Needless to say, the discovery of this simple feature has changed my life. No longer do I send messages that say things like: “I gat your email anf hipe to see yiu im the veri near futurg.”
“Wait, don’t you have spellcheck?” you might ask.

January 2019
Bob’s Tech Talk

Making the Most of Apple iPhone

Health data is protected with safeguards similar to those used with passwords. Unless special care is taken to protect health info when moving to a new device, the data will remain locked inside the old phone.

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