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June 2012

The New Car vs. My Old Brain

I was so frustrated I didn't know whether to scream or cry. I told our salesman "I'm not smart enough to drive this car." Obviously he'd had many dealings with older clients and calmly assured me he'd explain everything – again.

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The Case of the Missing Recycle Bin

The '70s and '80s introduced the world to a variety of new consumer electronic products such as pocket calculators, the Walkman, boom boxes and other aural annoyances. This site celebrates those gadgets, so if you want to reminisce about the good old days or check out the primitive “high-tech” devices we once used, this site is a hoot.

May 2013
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A Second Chance with CTRL + Z

Many people believe they receive inadequate or inept customer service today -- with good reason: Only 46 out of the 604 companies found on this site have been rated as providing acceptable or better customer service, which translates to an anemic eight percent.


Self-driving Cars Great for Seniors

Sensors and computers can already do a better job in monitoring surroundings and provide faster reaction times compared to humans. These are two major reasons seniors have to give up driving.

April 2013
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What Causes >>> Marks in Email?

One >, for example, indicates it's the first reply or forward;  >> indicates it's the second round of replies or forwards, etc. That's why when you receive a joke or hoax message that's been forwarded a bazillion times, you will often see >>>>>>>>>>> in front of each line.

March 2013
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iPhone/iPad Printing

This is one of my all-time favorite sites. Before I order anything online, I check here for applicable promo codes. If a promo code is found, type in the code when placing your order and obtain whatever discount is associated with your purchase.

February 2013
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Unsquish Internet Explorer Tabs

Very few anti-virus programs work well with other anti-virus programs so it's best to let one protection rule the roost. Anti-spyware programs are better at socializing, so you can have multiple anti-spyware programs installed on the same system without any problem.

January 2013
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Is a Minimized Windows Safe?

You really DO want to know whenever a redirection attempt occurs so you can approve or reject it. Otherwise, your browser could easily be hijacked to a malicious site and without even knowing it, you could think you were on a legitimate site, provide a credit card number or other personal information, and wind up in deep guano.

December 2012
Matters on My Mind

Free Is Good

For less than three dollars I downloaded “111 Rock ‘n Roll Superhits.” What fun to walk down memory lane alongside Paul Anka, Bobby Vinton, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and Johnnie Ray as they shake, rattle, and roll.

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Beware of Security Scams

That would be like somebody breaking into your home, determining that your toaster wasn't working properly and leaving you a note, “Hi, there! We broke into your home, looked around and discovered that your toaster isn't working. Mail us $25 and we'll come back and fix it for you."

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