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July 2012

New Food Adventures in the New Year

According to a recent study in the September 2011 Advances in Nutrition, research summarized the beneficial effect of apples and apple products on weight management, bone health and digestive health. In addition, the antioxidants found in apples may have a protective effect on cardiovascular disease, asthma and diabetes.

A Chicken in Every Pot, Broth for Every Day

In the midst of these dark winter days, miserable cold and flu season, and the even darker times of a sluggish economy, a chicken in your pot and the healthful, delicious broth it creates is one the brightest foods you can make.

Everyone Knows Sodium Raises Blood Pressure, Right?

Studies show that restricting salt helps a minority of the general population reduce their blood pressure, while either increasing blood pressure or having no effect on the majority of people's blood pressure.

Some Dish About Soup

Soup was one of the first fast foods. As early as 600 BCE, the Greeks sold soup on the street with peas, beans and lentils as main ingredients.

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