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June 2015

Summer Comfort: What’s a Well-Thumbed "Old Farmer’s Almanac" Doing in My Kitchen?

Comfort food is feel-good food. Every bite is packed with memories of fun times, good friends, and magic moments. It’s food that makes you smile even before you taste it, that warms the heart with every spoonful, and that has everybody asking for more.

May 2015

Special For Mother’s Day: Recipes from ABC’s show ‘The Chew’ and Downton Abbey’s Edwardian Cooking

Or perhaps mom and grandmother are fans of PBS’s “Downton Abbey.” Then may they dine as aristocrats guided by Edwardian Cooking: The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook (Arcade Publishing) by Larry Edwards.

What’s In Your Pantry? Endless Pasta Possibilities

A simple and fast dish to make as the sauce takes the same amount of time to prepare as it does for the pasta to cook.

April 2015

Carrot Cake*

*CONTEST WINNER: Who doesn't love this classic cake? It's perfect just as it is with a cup of tea or coffee, but you could also try decorating it with candied violets to add a little visual “oomph.”

Noodle Kids and Kids Cook French

Let kids choose new things to try, like one new ingredient to combine with a familiar one when making a bowl of ramen. Start with simple tasks and gradually increase the difficulty. Give the kids their own space to experiment where they can make a mess while you do the real work of preparing the meal.

How Everything You Studied and Thought You’d Never Use Comes Together Deliciously in Your Mouth

Every technique and recipe is easy to reproduce in your kitchen or eating out, so much so you’ll want to try everything without ever needing to use that old excuse that “my dog ate my homework.” It will never have the chance, you will have already demolished the results with gusto.

March 2015

Good Cheap Eats and 5-Minute Mug Cakes

Many faced with time pressures turn to fast food, takeout pizza and over-processed food from the supermarket. Jessica offers an alternative with recipes like simple bean tostadas, chicken kabobs with mint-yogurt sauce, Cajun shrimp and sausage rice, ginger-orange crisps, and banana-walnut mini muffins.

The Green, Green Shoots of Spring

Sprouts contain an estimated 100 times more enzymes than fresh fruits and vegetables. These enzymes allow your body to extract higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from other foods you eat in conjunction with the sprouts as well.

February 2015

Introducing Baijiu to the West in Celebration of the Chinese New Year and Ongoing Diplomacy

Baijiu is an integral essence of China: a source of inspiration to poets; a link between business partners, relatives and friends; and a celebration symbol for the Lunar New Year plus other festivals, and for special family events like weddings.

January 2015

Warm the Heart, Body and Palate

Scotch whisky presents the palate with a wide array of choices. Some are sweet and delicate; some are lightly smoky and fruity; and some are dark, heavily smoky, peaty, and earthy.

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