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March 2013

2013 – Year of Quinoa

Quinoa is classified as a complete protein and with its low glycemic index is an effective energy source that won’t cause dramatic blood sugar fluctuations. Mineral-rich, quinoa is higher in calcium and iron than rice, corn, barley, wheat or oats.

Transformational Cooking – New Thinking, Not Techniques

So if food preparation has become a chore, a bore, or seemingly not worth it because (choose one or more): the kids are gone, the grandkids have too many allergies or parental restrictions, your spouse is gone, you never learned how, your health demands dietary restrictions, you’ve run out of ideas or enthusiasm – I think An Everlasting Meal will be the biggest boost of a new, improved, easier, healthier life you may ever get.

February 2013

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

For your buffet oatmeal bar at home, set out add-ons for the hot cereal such as dried fruit like raisins, cranberries, banana chips; nuts; spices like ground cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves; bacon bits; and crushed graham crackers.

Mid-Winter Blues – Food, Taxes, and Immunity

For example, one study showed that absorption of beta-carotene from a salad with no added fat was close to zero. The addition of a low-fat dressing made from canola oil increased absorption, but a high-fat dressing was much more effective.

January 2013

Return to Sunday Dinner: Remembering Grandmother’s Table

The last of a generation that knew only organic gardens and slow-cooked food, she recalls childhood memories of raising, preparing and sharing food with family and neighbors during the years of the Great Depression. Highlights include rare recipes like Yellow Jacket Soup from Cherokee ancestors, plus old time favorites like corncob jelly and leather britches.

A New Year. A New You! A New Food – Or Old?

Even if a CSA membership or farmers market or real butcher is not readily available to you, head to that part of the grocery store you’ve been avoiding and pick something – anything –  that’s new to you and try it out.

December 2012

New Products and a Tropical Cookbook for the New Year

Each section opens with a brief explanation of the different cultures whose history acts as the foundation of Belizean heritage. The over 120 recipes span cultures including the Maya, British, Mestizo, Creole, Chinese, Lebanese, Garifuna and more.

Holiday Goodies Not So Good for You and Your Brain

People 70 and older who eat food high in carbohydrates have nearly four times the risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, and the danger also rises with a diet heavy in sugar, Mayo Clinic researchers have found.

November 2012

Specialty Foods and Cookbooks Great for Holiday Gifts

Home chefs discover in The Art of Cooking with Vegetables (Frances Lincoln publishers) unexpected combinations, complex flavors created with a few simple elements, and a passion for fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Holiday Leftovers Makeovers

The taste-loving you wanted another go-round with that fantastic dish Aunt Madge brought; the thrifty you couldn’t bear to throw out any perfectly good food; and the healthy you wants to let your imagination run free to consider how to repurpose even the lowliest tidbit into something edible, incredible and eligible for a healthy addition to your daily fare.

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