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September 2013
Compulsive Traveler

Exploring New York’s Erie Canal

The Erie Canal has been enlarged and altered over the years but today this “gem” is enjoyed by boaters, hikers, bikers, fishermen, bird watchers, history buffs, nature lovers, and those looking to spend time in the “slow lane.”

August 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

The Marvelous, Historic Marais District of Paris

This eclectic neighborhood in the heart of Paris has been called the Marais (“marsh”) since Roman times. The name described the swamp that was created by a fork of the Seine River. The marsh was drained in the 12th century to provide more living space as Paris grew, but the name – like the oozing mud that once covered the area – stuck.


Viva Mexico!

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll be robbed or killed?” No. Absolutely not. I am now 77 years old, and the older I get, the more times my sanity is brought into question as regards Mexico. I have never had cause for concern in Mexico. 

Compulsive Traveler

Learn about Singapore’s Peranakan Culture

The cooking instructors are stay-at-home mothers many of whom have seen their family leave the nest. Their cooking expertize is “tried and true” having been tested by the most critical of diners – their family. They share their passion for cooking in an entertaining and relaxed manner. 

July 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

Visit the Glory of South Carolina's Grand Strand

Another chapter in the history of slavery is recounted at Freewoods Farm, which was the center of a community established by freed slaves at the end of the Civil War. The 40-acre spread is the only living history museum in the country that recreates life on farms owned by African-Americans during their first decades of freedom.



Cruising Mega Ships vs. Small Ships

In case of accident or illness emergency, the larger ships have doctors aboard. Smaller ships do not. In case of a damaged ship, it is much harder, sometimes impossible to remove thousands of people off the ship other than lifeboats. It is much easier to remove 100 passengers should the need arise. 

Passport Perspectives

Top Ten Questions and Answers on Medical Tourism

Some stateside insurance plans are now offering an overseas medical tourism option as a way to save the provider money, and they will cover the cost of travel and the medical procedure. Many hospitals overseas advertise that they accept insurance from your home country.

Compulsive Traveler

Sri Lanka - ‘The Pearl of the Indian Ocean’

Get to Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage at 9 a.m. to be there for feeding time. You can almost feel their excitement as the elephants are led to the river for what amounts to play time.


June 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

Cheese, Truffles and History: Treasure Hunting in Piemonte

It's virtually impossible to leave Piemonte without gaining an appreciation of the importance of food and wine in the lives of its people, as well as a few extra pounds. Cheese and truffles - especially white truffles - hold a place of honor on many a dining table, and in the local culture and cuisine.

Compulsive Traveler

Ten Places Not to Miss in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh transformed itself from a dirty industrial city to a clean, green happening place noted for its excellent universities, renowned hospitals and great things to see and do. It has been named one of America ’s most livable cities.

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