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July 2017
Compulsive Traveler

Staten Island: The Land Beyond the Ferry

More than one-third of the island is protected parkland. Greenbelt Nature Center is three times the size of Central Park and a contiguous stretch of green land with miles of hiking trails.

Ernie's World

An Apple a Day?

A large, humorless guy said: “I’ve got to frisk you.” I assumed the pose. I got a small itch in one of those hard to reach places. I was tempted to ask him to scratch it.

June 2017
Senior Moments

Hildene: Robert Lincoln’s Magnificent Vermont Estate

Visiting Hildene today is a tourist’s delight. Friends of Hildene, a non-profit organization, has restored the estate to its former glory so it “can serve as an educational and cultural resource and as a memorial to Robert Lincoln and his family.”

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Sophia and Me

As I neared the beach, I saw a woman sitting beneath a tree. She wore glasses and the bottom half of a bikini and was reading a book. Lying on a blanket next to her was a man with his face covered by a newspaper.

She was Sophia Loren.


Automobile Travel Trumps Airplane Travel

Travel by car has a few other benefits. Since I don’t have to remove my shoes at an airport security checkpoint, I’m not embarrassed about the hole in my sock.

Compulsive Traveler

Penang: The Must Visit in 2017

Georgetown, the capital of Penang, is a cosmopolitan center with old-world touches. There are gleaming white colonial buildings, Chinese shop houses, high-end stores, and street markets. It is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Ernie's World

How Black is Black?

My stomach grumbled.

“What was that?” a young girl on the tour asked.

“Sounded like a wounded bat.”

May 2017
Compulsive Traveler

Native American Sites to Visit

Step into the world of the Pequot. In this state-of-the-art, interactive museum, visitors walk through a three-dimensional route through 20,000 years of natural history and the history of Eastern Woodlands people, with a particular focus on the Pequots.

Ernie's World

Copy of Rocks, Camels and RVs, Oh My!

Instead, we looked on the map at the next "logical" place west of Phoenix. A hundred and twenty-five miles later, we were in rock-hound heaven. And "RV heaven," if you can use those two words together. Apparently a million snowbirds travel to Quartzsite for the months of January and February in RVs that range from brand new to "are you kidding me?"

April 2017
Lawrenzi, Jr.

Poker, Cactus and Sagebrush

In recent years the Grand Canyon State has become famous for something else that is attracting people from all over the United States as well as many parts of the world. Poker. And it happens to be especially popular among retirees.

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