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February 2016
Compulsive Traveler

Exploring the Art and History and Beauty and More of Montreal

If the Art‑Deco Aldred Building on the Place d’Armes looks familiar, there is a reason. It is a smaller and earlier version of NYC’s Empire State Building.

January 2016
Compulsive Traveler

Michigan Must-Visits

Holland: Like the name implies the small town is a slice of the Netherlands. Explore the quaint Dutch Village, a theme park that recreates a small Dutch village with authentic Dutch architecture, gardens, canals, and windmills. Not to miss is the colorful Tulip Festival held in May.

December 2015
Compulsive Traveler

Discover Bonaire

With over 200 species Bonaire is a bird-lover’s paradise. The iconic symbol of Bonaire is the elegant pink flamingo. Bonaire is only one of four areas in the world where flamingos breed.

November 2015
The Tenacious Traveler

Touring the Branches of Your Family Tree

But no amount of knowledge can compete with the thrill of making personal contact with relatives you might not have known exist, or visiting places where your forebears lived and your family roots were planted.


An Ozark Mountain Christmas in Branson

The world is invited to this little tourist town to enjoy the Christmas season in a community where its citizens openly honor God and country. American servicemen and women are honored in almost every theater production. Nativity scenes are displayed as prominently as Santa.


Charleston: A Cool City When It’s Not Hot

Your visit will be infinitely more enjoyable if you keep your car parked and use the many available forms of public transportation: city buses and taxis, free hop-on/hop-off trolley buses, free Scoop Car electric taxis, horse-drawn carriages and human powered pedicabs. You’ll also notice skateboarders in the midst of all the traffic. In Charleston, skateboards are treated as street-legal vehicles.

October 2015

Penske Racing Museum

Many people who visit the museum “consider it a walk down memory lane. We get people who...were at an Indy race and remember the car here on display and the feeling when they saw it win. And then you have people who only see races on TV, never realizing the cars were so big or that the tires had no grooves."


Nevada’s Springs Preserve Reveals Las Vegas Roots

It is the original bubbling spring water hole, which drew early native peoples and early settlers to the area — long before the casinos.

Compulsive Traveler

Peru: Land of the Incas

There are several ways to get to the iconic Machu Picchu. The hale and hearty can take a multi-day trek along the Inca Trail. Most people take either the tourist train or the luxurious Hiram Bingham train.

September 2015

Seven Ways to Enjoy the Mile High City

Use the Smart Phone app and go on the amazing scavenger hunt Urban Adventure Quest for Denver. By solving clues and completing challenges, you can turn Denver into a three-hour gameboard combining the fun of Amazing Race with a city tour. (Urban Adventure Quests are now in 35 cities and are just plain FUN.)

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