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May 2012
Compulsive Traveler

Hot Springs, Arkansas: America's First Resort

At one time Hot Springs was a mecca for gangsters. They found it a safe place to rest, recreate, and gamble. The vices were never legal but authorities basically ignored the goings on until 1967 when Winthrop Rockefeller was elected governor and "cleaned" things up.


Next Stop — Top of the World

Mont Blanc is so stunning, that to describe it as majestic would be like calling Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel a really good painting.

April 2012
Ernie's World


In the musées (museums) there will be a three paragraph description in French describing a piece of art and below it in English it will say: "Very old painting, artist now dead."

Compulsive Traveler

Enjoying Family-friendly Las Vegas

What do a chocolatier and a cactus gardener have in common? A lot! They work in the sweetest but prickliest place in Las Vegas, Nevada – Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden.


Music the World Around at the Musical Instrument Museum

Though it’s called the Musical Instrument Museum, it’s more like a library of music. It doesn’t just reveal the history musical instrument, but also brings together the music, instruments and people of the world.

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