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January 2017

Living History in Cuba

Walking through Havana is like stepping back in time. There are old cars in a rainbow of colors everywhere, dating from 1927 to 1961. Seeing the sights from the back of a bright red 1958 Ford convertible was pure heaven.

December 2016
The Tenacious Traveler

History, Culture and Mother Nature

A very different setting is encountered nearby at the impressive Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens. It encompasses over four centuries of horticultural history, including areas devoted to Mi'kmaq, early Acadian and 17th century English gardening practices and designs. A replica of a 17th-century Acadian home overlooks salt marshes and the dikes that were constructed by farmers to transform them into arable land.

Compulsive Traveler

Malta: Europe’s Best Kept Secret

For such a small island there are an amazing number of historical sites dating back to Neolithic times.  The islands are home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites including the City of Valletta, the Megalithic Temples, and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.  Several other sites are on the UNESCO Tentative List awaiting inclusion.

November 2016
Compulsive Traveler

Vilas County, Wisconsin: Muskies and More

If you want to catch a prize-winning muskellunge then Vilas County is the place for you. Muskies are highly sought after by fishermen because of the explosive strikes and rugged fights. Vilas County has some of the best smallmouth bass, walleye, trout, and pike fishing.

October 2016
Compulsive Traveler

Happy 100th Birthday to the National Park System

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park: This Alaskan park, the largest in the National Park system, is larger than each of the nine smallest U.S. States and larger than Switzerland. Visitors can explore the historic mining sites, hike the mountains, float on its rivers, ski on glaciers, and marvel at the wildlife.

September 2016
The Raven Lunatic

Travel Tips for the Addled

Put everything you think you’ll need in a suitcase. Take half out ... Plan on how much money you’ll need. Then double it. The exchange rate is like Vegas – usually the house wins.

The Tenacious Traveler

Riding the Rails Around the World

A dramatic ride through the Swiss Alps is provided by the Glacier Express. Its 8-hour, 180-mile-long trips connect two famous mountain resorts, and climb to a height of 6,670 feet above sea level. Views outside change with the time of year, from rolling meadows in summer to a tapestry of color during the fall to the snow-blanketed winter landscape.


Helmet Diving, An Ageless Adventure

I was pleased to learn we did not need to wear a wetsuit unless we wanted to. We could wear our glasses, if needed. We would only be in 15 feet of water with less ear pressure adjusting than in an airplane. We would be walking on the ocean floor for 30 minutes. Best news of all for claustrophobic me was the fact the helmet is not attached to me, with another person needed to remove it. 


Are You Alone?

"My husband died when I was 45. I had no reason to stop living. I decided I wasn’t going to stay home and be dormant for the rest of my live. I’m not afraid. I enjoy going to different places and meeting all kinds of people.”

Compulsive Traveler

Unique Small Ship Cruises

In Europe it is a matter of picking your river. Cruises on the Rhine and Danube are the most popular and offered by several cruise lines such as Viking, Avalon, and Tauck.

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