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May 2012

Teaching Grandma to Text

The problem had more to do with becoming constantly aware of her phone, the way young people are. Unlike those among us whose phones are like a second heart beat, Kate’s silent phone had lived its entire life, tucked somewhere in the dark bottom of her purse, existing mostly for emergencies.

April 2012
Financial Fortitude

Your Home, Your Choice?

Fortunately, the marketplace seems to be listening. Many CCRCs today operate similarly to college campuses. Moreover, alternatives to senior communities – hybrids between senior communities and living with the kids – are expanding.

Age-Full Living

Things to Do NOW to Start the Downsizing, Right-Sizing Process

Need a list to get you started? The following are great tasks to start working on to begin the downsizing, right-sizing process for your simplified and "lighter" future.

The Expiration Date

Mother Earth: Change, Exchange, and Blessed Reciprocity

Our hearts and souls bind us in our commonality and connect us to our home here. Our heart is our operating system. Mind is simply the program we are running.

Ernie's World

The Grass Is Always Greener

Therefore it only makes sense to try bonsai‑ing cannabis. Kind of pot in a pot if you will. I even have a name for my signature crop – Ernie's Journeys.

Deal Me In

A Truly Thoughtless Object – The Roulette Ball

Streaks often occur in a casino environment, and as the ball bounces along to its destination, it knows nothing about where it is supposed to land. With the millions of trials going on in any casino on any day, the improbable is a certainty.

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Number of Decks Versus Number of Players, But Skill Is Still the Undisputed Champ

My concern, is that with just two players on the game you will be dealt far more hands per hour, which allows the casino edge to eat away at your bankroll at a much faster clip. Let’s run some numbers.

Deal Me In

Gone – the Buggy Whip, the Kerosene Lamp, and Now Live Keno

When playing video keno, the speed of the game increases almost tenfold, so, that 7.5% casino advantage versus the 28% live game edge is deceiving, because your hourly loss to the house can end up being much, much higher.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

So, what can a one-time player expect in terms of paybacks from these luxury liners? Take out a dictionary and look up words like horrific, horrendous, horrid, hideous or hellish.

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Courtesy Hold While the Lady Powders Her Nose

Many of today’s coinless machines even take away the fun-factor of yanking a handle. As one cheerful senior citizen told me recently, the captivating sounds of winning might be gone, but it sure is easier to hold a Vodka OJ while playing.

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Bad Beat for the Book

Blackjack games that offer 6/5 for a blackjack and just not worth playing. You want to get maximum value for your blackjacks, James, and you do that by getting paid 3 to 2, not 6 to 5.

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Ah, Those Cash-Comp-Currency Calculations

What comps are NOT, Robin, is free. Because the house edge on slot machines is substantial, you are paying for your own comps with your losses.

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Where Speed Can Sometimes Outrank Craft

Some tournaments have both hand and time limits, so you want to play smart, but quick enough to make sure you play all the hands allowed. If the sessions are strictly time-limited, the Quick Draw McGraw player tends to do better.


Love Candlelight? Enjoy It Safely

Candles should burn for one hour for each inch of diameter. If you burn the candle for less time, the candle core will burn down the middle and the burn time is thus shortened.

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