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February 2016
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Coming, Going and Staying With

This one’s simple. Approach each of your children and ask if, instead of getting married and living happily ever after with Mr. Right as you’d like, you can move in with them –  lock, stock and poodle! Demand your own room, insist on having a say in how they raise their children (now or whenever they give you grandchildren) and guarantee them that you intend on being as unfairly intrusive and judgmental in their everyday lives as they are being in yours.

The Midnight Gardener

Seed Catalog Time: Gorgeous Flowers from Seeds

Zinnias may be inexpensive to purchase, but the different heights, flower sizes and colors available are so mind-boggling you'll want to grow them all. Zinnias are probably the most perfect bouquet flower. They have tall stems, colorful flowers, and will last for a long time in the vase.

Deal Me In

Kinship Doesn’t Count for Comps

Casinos make billions by enticing players like you to hand over your hard-earned money. Thus, in the spirit of competition, casinos started offering comps to attract, and keep, loyal slot players. The knowledgeable player uses them to bargain for the best deals, along with lowering the house edge.

Health, Wellness & the Good Life

Double-duty Dining Rooms

Furniture is always the key to a dining room with a split personality. Some furniture pieces can be opened to make substantial dining tables, then folded up again to take up very little room.

January 2016
Dollar Sense

What You Need to Know about Saving Money on the Cost of a Funeral

Many people hesitate to comparison shop when a loved one has died, not to mention it’s a tough time and the last thing you want to think about is money. But the truth is, most of us have to consider cost.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Dish Night

Today we call these colored glass plates, bowls – everything from cups to the butter dish –  Depression Glass. At the time, it was just “free dishes for the ladies.”

Deal Me In

On the Road Again

Steve Bourie’s American Casino Guide remains the best all-inclusive guide of casinos nationwide for the budget conscious gambler...The guide includes $1,000 in valuable casino coupons, like FREE rooms, shows, buffets, slot play, table betting money, and plenty more.

December 2015
Dollar Sense

Prepare Your Finances for Disaster with an Emergency Kit

Let’s say a flood hit your town. Don’t count on being able to get to your bank or ATM for cash or vital documents you may have in your safe deposit box. The bank may not be in any better shape than you are. If stores are able to open, they may not be able to take anything but cash. So have some cash on hand, but don’t overdo it.

Quotation Quotient

Christmas/Holiday Edition

“Probably the reason we all go so haywire at Christmas time with the endless unrestrained and often silly buying of gifts is that we don’t quite know how to put our love into words.”

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Sleigh Rides on Soundstages in August

Interestingly, most of our favorite yuletide classic films, though shown in an avalanche on TV every December, were not released during the Christmas season. Apparently, this made no difference in their popularity.

The Midnight Gardener

Holiday Flowers Brighten People and the Room

Stand tapers in a variety of sizes in crystal candlesticks, and add crystal vases or bowls full of flowers arranged on a sideboard or entry hall table. Then, multiply the luminous beauty of the candles, flowers and crystal by placing a mirror behind your arrangement. Dazzling.

Deal Me In

Doubling as James Bond for $5 a Pop

The casino holds an edge against your play no matter if you bet on the Bank or the Player hand, so any notion of “interminable winning” is illusory. It’s more like you will lose less money playing Mini-Baccarat than playing almost any other casino game.


Are Your Windshield Wipers Ready For Wet Weather?

If you make it a habit to inspect and replace wiper blades on a nice day or in your garage, you won't wind up doing it outside, on a cold, rainy night.

St. Claire
Rainbow Kitchen

Gifts, Gadgets and Good Stuff for Your Kitchen

But even if you’re able bodied and nimble fingered, I’ve recently found three reasonably priced, easy to use and really helpful for however much time you spend in your kitchen.

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