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October 2016
Silver Screen, Golden Years

‘Reality’ Radio

Just as Orson Welles' version was set in his time in the late 1930s and reflected it by use of the radio, and just as author H.G. Wells' original story reflected London of the 1890s, so too, this movie gives us a glimpse of the early 1950s, our innocence as well as our sophistication, our atom bomb and the electronic Martian "eye" that is described "like a television camera."

Vintage Vibes

Gun‑totin’ Grannies

One night a car stayed on her bumper for miles, trying to force her off the road several times. She had to keep accelerating until finally she held her pistol up where the other driver could see it. The car dropped back, way back. This was just one of the situations where Cora Sue believed a firearm protected her life.

The Midnight Gardener

Great Veggies for 2017

The AAS mission is "to promote new garden seed varieties with superior garden performance judged in impartial trials in North America." I am growing these new varieties this year because, although they are short in stature, they are heavy on harvest and big on flavor.

Deal Me In

Pilarski Has Left the Building

I am not completely going away. I still have another book on gambling that will be coming out soon, refresh my website ( to include all 1,040 of my columns, and I will remain active in the Twittersphere.

* * * * * *

So, finally, what was the most often asked question I have gotten over all these years in the gambling business? It was when I worked on the casino floor. Nick, drum roll, please… “Where’s the bathroom?”

Health, Wellness & the Good Life

Tactics to Increase Accessibility in Your Home

Today's grab bars come in designs that provide architectural interest as well as safety. Materials include teak wood which is waterproof, various metallic finishes, and even glow-in-the-dark acrylic. One interesting application has built-in LED lighting which creates an all-in-one night light/grab handle.


We the People

Why is successful communication so difficult? From before we can even articulate it, we each are forming an individual story; a different interpretation of the world. We each experience daily life – even the same event – in a unique way. And yet we’re called upon – we’re required – to come together in this still-grand experience called democracy.

September 2016
A Healthy Age

Five Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Adult Child

The conventional wisdom is that we, as parents, shut our collective mouths and smile when our children make purchases they likely cannot afford or our grandchildren go without sunscreen Weren’t we annoyed when our parents commented on our choices?

* * * * *

Choose the appropriate venue. The old landline phone just isn’t what it used to be. Dr. Nemzoff, who has 10 grandchildren, learned to text because her grandchildren did not want to talk on the phone. She said, “Technology is not something to be feared.”

The Raven Lunatic

Travel Tips for the Addled

Put everything you think you’ll need in a suitcase. Take half out ... Plan on how much money you’ll need. Then double it. The exchange rate is like Vegas – usually the house wins.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

It’s Never Too Late for Honesty

I had been happy living on my own and occasionally spending the night with her. I wish I had listened to my gut instincts and refused to be manipulated. But I did and do love her, I just don’t want to be married. I want my own space.


5 Lessons I Learned from Old People

After working in facilities and seeing some people (even young ones who were there due to accidents) I learned that life is short, you do not have forever. Stop waiting for a better time or 20 years will fly by. Say yes and do it. Live your life before your life is lived.

Passport Perspectives

What Does it Really Take to Move Overseas?

It may surprise you, but what we have seen take people down, destroying their retirement dreams and sometimes even their marriages, are the emotional and psychological challenges one faces in adjusting to their new lifestyle overseas.

The Midnight Gardener

The Scent of Herbs

The leaves of the lemon-scented herbs are an irresistible mixture of sweet and citrus that compliments the lighter foods, drinks and desserts of summer. Use only the leaves when cooking or drying. Instead of discarding the leftover stems, run them through the garbage disposal with hot water and enjoy the clean, refreshing scent.

August 2016
Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

A Free Spirited Change of Fortune

However, as I get older (and now, old) I'm constantly told that I should “act my age,” dress more conservatively and be more unobtrusive when in public. Last week, my granddaughter actually told me to stop singing so loudly while we were in a shop at a shopping mall and the music in the store was considerably louder than I was!

Gray Matter

Crazy from the Heat

The truth is that extreme heat causes sun poisoning, burned shoulders, and looser ear wax. Hot weather makes us irritable, violent, and depressed. In other words, the heat makes you crazy. And I'm not kidding about the ear wax thing.

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