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November 2014

Car Sharing for Seniors?

The best way for seniors to take advantage of car sharing is when they travel to a city where car sharing is available and they need a car for only a few hours. Why pay car rental and parking fees for a car that sits most of the time in a hotel parking garage?

October 2014
Dollar Sense

Be Alert to Signs of Elder Abuse: Here’s What You Can Do to Help

If there is immediate danger, call 911 or the local police. If you suspect abuse (or if you yourself are being abused) but there does not appear to be immediate danger, tell someone. A doctor, a pastor, a social worker, even the person who answers the phone at your local senior center… but tell someone.

Dollar Sense

How to Turn up the Heat against Those Trying Fraudulently to Turn Back Time

The FBI says seniors are particularly vulnerable to anti-aging scams, such as those which offer free products if you’d just be so kind as to provide a credit card number, you know… for shipping and handling (the handling fee is where they may get you, since it is up to their discretion).

Quotation Quotient

What’s Your QQ?

"Pain and death are part of life. To reject them is to reject life itself." - Havelock Ellis

Klock, Sr.

Chips off the Old Klock - Volume XXV

A greater danger for many (if not most) of us is not that our aims are too high and we'll miss them, but that they are too low and we'll shred the bull’s-eye! (There's a high probability that some poor slobs invented 6-UP and Preparation G, then gave up trying).

Deal Me In

Luck or Skill?

Unlike some other card games which are centered purely on luck which cannot be controlled, in gin rummy you can tilt the game in your favor by exercising your skills.

Fritz on Photography

Lighting, Placement and Isolation

The three points demonstrated are the fundamentals of good photography. Light is the most important element and with today’s camera photos in bright light and low light are readily possible.

September 2014
Dollar Sense

Fall Vacations and Upcoming Holiday Trips: Keep Your Money Safe

Thieves know, travelers are not expecting a pickpocket among that crowd of friendly faces. So while vacationers are busy taking selfies on their SmartPhones in front of the Washington Monument, they don’t expect the guy sitting nearby enjoying the view, to be a thief. He may appear to be answering email on his phone or laptop, when he is actually operating a handheld device which peels the passwords and account numbers right off of the credit and bank cards in your wallet.

Quotation Quotient

What’s Your QQ?

“To feel that one has a place in life solves half the problems of contentment.”  George E. Woodberry

Passport Perspectives

5 Reasons Why We Retired Abroad

When people move overseas, often times social stereotypes and cliques are dropped in favor of less pretentious friendships and community goals in the new location. Common interests and values replace judging a person by the address where they live or the name brands they wear. It's freer, friendlier and much more open.

Deal Me In

Blackjack: Never Busting Never Works

When using a never-bust strategy, you are giving the casino a 5% advantage, whereas when you use strict basic strategy, you are only giving the casino about a half of one percent edge.

Aid for Age

Quilting: What’s Old Is New Again

Practitioners say there's no strict definition of modern quilting. But characteristics of a contemporary quilt can include an emphasis on solid colors and bold, minimalist designs; experimentation with negative space; a reworking of traditional fabrication techniques; and an improvisational approach to pattern making.

August 2014

Grandkids Make You Smarter… Till They Don’t

The study also showed that women who cared for their grandkids five or more days a week got much lower scores, a good indication that they were stressed out, stretched thin by too much responsibility at a time in life when they should have less responsibility.


Potpourri: Travel Smarter this Vacation Season

Thieves often select victims in the lobby, and then casually follow them to their rooms. If a suspicious person gets on the elevator with you and then gets off at your floor, stay on the elevator and go back to the lobby and ask for an escort to your room.

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