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Ohio – Famous for Presidents and Johnny Appleseed

By Ann Hattes
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Besides presidents, Ohio is famous for Johnny Appleseed (nee John Chapman), an itinerant farmer who introduced apple trees to Ohio.

Besides presidents, Ohio is famous for Johnny Appleseed (nee John Chapman), an itinerant farmer who introduced apple trees to Ohio. This year two new apple varieties have appeared in the U.S. The Junami which originated in Switzerland utilizes the best characteristics of the Idared, Maigold and Elstar. With its juiciness and crisp tangy taste, it’s a real thirst quencher, great snacking apple, and known for its excellent keeping qualities. Very popular in Europe, it’s expected to be a major variety in the United States in the next few years according to a spokesperson for Rainier Fruit Company (, the exclusive North American grower/shipper of Junami apples. Look for them next January and February, checking the website for retailers in your area.

The Lady Alice apple was discovered as a chance seedling in a neglected Washington orchard with many different varieties of fruit trees scattered throughout, so its parentage is unknown. Sweet with a hint of tartness, its dense flesh holds texture when baking. Slow to brown after cutting, it makes an excellent choice for cutting into salads or fruit trays. Lady Alice is available March through May while supplies last.

Apples are one of the few fruits to contain phlorizin which makes it difficult for your body to “access” the sugars. Your body has to use more energy to free up the sugars in apples making it a smarter choice than candy or other sweets, and a great way to curb appetite. And apples, especially those with the peel left intact, are rich in plant compounds called polyphenols and antioxidants, both known to promote health.

Apples are used in a myriad of recipes. At Maumee Bay’s Water’s Edge Restaurant enjoy a yummy dessert of apple caramel wontons, crispy wontons dusted with cinnamon, topped with Dutch apples and caramel sauce served with vanilla ice cream.

At home, give the new apple varieties a try in these recipes.



Ginger Chicken with Apple Saute (Lady Alice)

Honey Mustard Glazed Apples with Pork (Junami)


Ann Hattes has over 25 years experience writing about both travel and food for publications both in the US and internationally. A senior living in Wisconsin, she’s a member of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association and the Midwest Travel Writers Association.

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