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Rainbow Kitchen

Celery Root and Anjou Pear Puree

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(Adapted from Roots), serves 8.


An excellent accompaniment to any pork dish, or thin with additional broth or water for a luscious soup. Soup garnish possibilities could include parsley, grated cheese or chopped cooked bacon.


1 large celery root (celeriac), trimmed, peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks

Sea salt

4 Anjou pears, about 2 lbs.

1/4 cup unsalted butter

½ cup dry vermouth (or chicken broth as a non-alcoholic substitute)

½ tsp nutmeg

½ cup warmed heavy cream

ground white pepper

Fill a saucepan with enough water to cover celery root. Add 1 tsp salt, partially cover, bring to a boil, then simmer until celeriac is soft, about 15 min. Drain and return celeriac to pan; heat over low for a minute to evaporate excess moisture.

Peel and core pears, slice into 1-inch chunks. Melt butter over medium heat in a large frying pan, add pears and ½ tsp salt and cook until pears are soft. Add vermouth or broth and nutmeg; continue cooking until pears are very soft and sauce thickens.

Combine half each of the celery root, pears and cream in a food processor and process until completely smooth. Transfer the puree to a warm bowl and repeat with remaining mixture. Season with salt and pepper.



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