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Canned Biscuit Doughnuts

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(Courtesy of Homemade Doughnuts, Quarry Books). Makes about 16 doughnuts.

4 cups peanut oil, for frying

2 cans (16.3 ounces) large, ready-to-cook buttermilk biscuits


Pour the oil to a depth of 2 inches into a Dutch oven and heat to 370 degrees F on the stove top.

Lay out the biscuits on a cutting board and with a 1 & ½ -inch round cookie or biscuit cutter, cut out a hole from the middle of each biscuit. Fry three or four biscuits at a time in the oil until golden and then flip with tongs to fry the other side, about 3 minutes total. You can also fry the doughnut holes, a handful at a time, until golden, about 2 minutes. You don’t need to flip them, but make sure they are submerged in the oil. Transfer to paper towels to drain.

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Good Food, Great Doughnuts in The Little Apple, Manhattan, Kansas


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