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September 2019
The Tenacious Traveler

Vibrant Vancouver, Canada – ‘Best City in the Americas’

Stanley Park is a Vancouver “must see.”  Sprawling over 1,000 acres, this popular urban retreat is a green oasis surrounded by the city’s urban landscape...My hour-long stroll passed through dense woods, skirted marshy ponds and led to fields where some of the 230 species of both resident and migrant birds greeted me with a symphony of song.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

When Virginia City Roared

Once known as the wealthiest city in America – its economy helped finance the federal government during the Civil War – Virginia City is a colorful place that will leave a visitor with memories long after they leave the place.

Ernie's World

Brothels and Bears, Oh My!

Lots of old buildings including a brothel that you could visit for 10 bucks. “Creek Street, where both the salmon and the men came to spawn” it said on the sign. I tried to remember the last time I spawned and whether it was just like riding a bicycle.

August 2019
The Tenacious Traveler

Exhilarating Fall Foliage Experiences

If you think dog sledding takes places only when the ground is covered by snow, think again. The Muddy Paw Sled Dog Kennel operates rides from spring to winter, including when the New Hampshire countryside is at its most spectacular.

July 2019
Laverne's View

Half the Fun Is Getting There

Ten minutes later I’m in the ladies room when I hear the following on the loudspeaker, “Will Laverne Bardy please return to the check-in counter for your credit card, on which you can expect to find several new charges for the Home Shopping Network?”

The Tenacious Traveler

City Parks: for Much More than Picnics

If this introduction to unexpected attractions at urban parks surprises you, read on. An A (animals) to Z (zoos) choice awaits folks in search of something at city parks other than a place to relax and have a picnic.

April 2019
The Tenacious Traveler

Amazing Alabama: Come for the Beaches, Stay for So Much More to See and Do

While Gulf State Park is home to the shortest stretch of beach, other claims to fame account for its popularity. Nine ecosystems nestled in its 6,000-plus acres include pine forests, coastal hardwood swamps and freshwater marshes. Boggy streams and three spring-fed lakes are among the water features.

Financial Fortitude

Good to Go? Here’s What You Need to Know about Travel Insurance First

They had travel insurance, which she admits was not a pleasure to deal with. Nevertheless, their insurers came through in the end and likely saved them tens of thousands of dollars – perhaps even his life. Travel insurance eased our neighbors’ difficult medical journey.

* * * * *

A personal catastrophe such as a stroke or environmental catastrophe such as an earthquake could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is where insurance becomes indispensable.

March 2019
The Tenacious Traveler

See It on the Silver Screen – Visit the Real Deal

From Maine to Hawaii, locations where movie scenes were filmed attract visitors seeking to hold onto memories of beloved motion pictures. At places ranging from a delicatessen in New York to a beach in Hawaii, from a state reformatory in Ohio to an island off the coast of South Carolina, people recapture treasured moments.


Counting Cats in Zanzibar: Reflections on Travel Through a 7th Decade Lens

I stopped breathing at the sight of Michelangelo's David, wept in San Marco Square, thrilled at the sound of Big Ben and the pageantry of the Changing of the Guard, ate prix fixe three-course meals on the Left Bank, and smiled back at Mona Lisa.

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