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November 2019
Walker Gendusa

‘Twas the Day after Christmas

All our blended five children returned home to celebrate with their broods, plus nieces, nephews, and wait, who was that guy? Maybe it was the policeman who someone called to the scene! I think he decided to eat with us. Not sure.

Financial Fortitude

Financing a Spaceship Economy

We are well past time to transition from a cowboy to a spaceship economy. As seniors, we cannot afford to do less than will make us proud to tell our grandchildren.

May 2019


According to my calculations we number almost 28 million (2010U.S. census), and yet we go about our daily lives without a cultural tag. And personally, I'm feeling a bit resentful. What kind of legacy is this to leave to our children and grandchildren, otherwise known as the Xs and the Vs, and possibly the Zs?

Puttin' on the Gritz

Hands That Rocked the Cradle

It would be nice if the talk shows would cover important issues like age spots, drooping flesh, flabby thighs and age-related cowlicks. What’s up with cowlicks anyway? TV should devote an entire week to women of a certain caught-in-the-process-of aging.

Agelessly Yours

Like Two Feet In One Shoe — Ouch!

I had a better chance of hitting the Mega Millions Lottery where your odds are about 265 million to one of winning, than both of us being propped up on some mantelpiece in a bulging urn.

March 2018

And Don’t Call Me Elderly!

I’d like to deliver a message to the media, and I am serious. Don’t call me elderly! In fact, don’t call me anything at all. If you must state my age in your story, it should not require a modifier.

Leslie Goes Boom

Plastic Surgery or Wrinkles?

I have no desire to have a facelift. Growing up seeing all the "beautiful" people become more beautiful certainly influenced me to want to look my best. Seeing my mother-in-law go through something so devastating for sheer vanity, also had its influence on me.

Add One More Day...

Generation Bubble Wrap

I endured an entire childhood without ever once wearing a protective helmet or floatation devices for any activity – indoors or out. I even survived after eating food without washing my hands in antibacterial soaps (or any soap, for that matter).

October 2017
Add One More Day...

The News Today

Today’s news isn’t about life-changing events or political suicide. It isn’t empowering or encouraging. Today’s news is an annoying reality TV show and wet weathermen.

September 2017
Add One More Day...

Getting the Edge

Not only am I too old for such a costume – I mean, whatever would I look like wearing a pair of slim-fit jeans resplendent with holes, rips and zips meant for youthful girls without the slightest clue what cellulite is (not to mention that these designer rags cost $60), but are women my age really buying such things? I can’t be the first to object to wearing outfits that look like Madonna’s discarded tour costumes.

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