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November 2019
Love Cook

Of Christmas Lights and Memories Bright; Hot Sox and Smoking Dogs

Eventually, my husband retired his grandmother’s lights. Whether it was the blown fuses, the mini-shocks he received, or the smoking dog, he reluctantly packed them away. “You don’t see lights like this,” he said, shaking his head. Amen to that, I thought.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Glen Campbell: A Satisfied Mind

He gets standing ovations even when he can't remember the lyrics to songs like “Gentle On My Mind," "Lineman for The County," "Rhinestone Cowboy" or some of his other records that sold over 50 million copies. His concerts are filled with laughter, tears, applause, hugs and standing ovations.

September 2019

First Lady of My Heart

One of the densest fogs that we ever saw clogged the harbor. Nothing was visible except the faintest glimmer of light from Liberty’s torch. We were not the only travelers to be crestfallen. As I opened the door to go in from the cold, foggy morning, there before me stood former First Lady Barbara Bush and her bodyguard.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Chevy Days

I started up the car and backed it carefully out of the driveway. It was the first time I had ever driven the car and, damn, it felt good!

Silver Screen, Golden Years

Movie Stars on Radio

Filling in for each other at the last minute was common in radio. Barbara Stanwyck famously jumped in for Jack’s radio girlfriend (and real-life wife) Mary Livingstone on “The Jack Benny Show.” All one needed was a script in hand, a good voice, and steady nerves.


First Job Lessons

It worked. After an initial quizzical stare, few cared that their football-shaped pizzas were hanging over the edge of the pan or had to be crammed into a takeout box. And if they did ask, Orv would give them a fist pump and shout, “Go Oilers!”

August 2019
Laverne's View

Too Smart Too Late

“You are a woman,” he said, “and women are supposed to
enjoy taking care of their families and their home.” I apologized
for not fitting into his belief that all women came from the same
cookie cutter.


Neil Sedaka – Hall of Fame Songwriter

Sedaka not only made a successful singing and songwriting career for himself, he also penned hit songs for many other singers over the years. There was “Stupid Cupid” and “Where the Boys Are” for Connie Francis; Gene Pitney’s hit, “It Hurts to Be in Love;” Captain and Tennille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together” and many more, including songs for ABBA, Jimmy Clanton, the Monkees, The Fifth Dimension, Dinah Washington and Frankie Valli.

Silver Screen, Golden Years

The Bargain of the Century

ZaSu, whose on-the-surface expressions of worry, befuddlement, and wonder, as well as the warble in her voice and her repetitious “oh, dear!” will probably instantly remind you of Olive Oyl. There’s a reason for that. Mae Questel, the originator of Olive Oyl’s distinctive voice, was imitating ZaSu Pitts.


Big Day in a Small Part of Texas

Suddenly, a customer pouring herself some coffee shouted, “You built this town? I hate Merkel! It’s given me nothing but misery! I keep leaving and it keeps hauling me back!” Then she scowled and advanced toward me brandishing a cup of steaming coffee.

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