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November 2019
Legal Ease

How Much More Is It Costing You to Live Together Without Marriage?

It  seems like more and more people are choosing to live together rather than get married. There are many benefits, legal and otherwise, available to married couples that are not available to unmarried partners.

Financial Fortitude

Looking for Extra Income? Combating Age Bias in the Workplace

A resume for a 50-something could run for many pages, but the last 15 years or so are the most relevant. Concentrate on your highlights: don’t write an all-inclusive white paper.

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Other ways to package a job successfully are to offer contract versus direct employment, assuming you have other access to insurance. If you afford to do so without compromising your retirement, you could consider starting a business or buying a franchise in an area you understand.

Financial Fortitude

Be Vigilant – Scammers Are Always Out There

If you fall for this, through a telemarketing call, health fair, or knock on the door, your first bad news will be discovering that the “free” genetic test you took is not free. Medicare does not pay for any testing which is not medically necessary. You’ll be responsible for the cost, which could run into the thousands of dollars.

September 2019
Legal Ease

Keeping the Business All in the Family – At Least Financially

For instance, you can require that the two children who receive the business pay your other two children whatever amount is necessary to offset the difference in value they are receiving from your estate.

Financial Fortitude

Is Buffett’s 90-10 Advice Right for You?

His recommendation to allocate 90 percent to stocks is presumably based on the situation his wife will be in if he predeceases her. She may have no interest in watching the market and little or no need for current income for her foreseeable future. If this is your situation, then by all means invest the Buffett way!

August 2019

A Money-saving Question

Many pharmacies are not permitted to alert you up front on those occasions when it would cost you less if you circumvented the insurance. They are under a type of “gag order” implemented by some of the pharmacy benefit managers that act as a sort of subcontractor for the health insurance providers. However, if you broach the subject, the pharmacy is required to answer your question.

Legal Ease

Those Persistent Nagging Questions: Probate, Trust, Kids’ Inheritance...

You would also have total access to the trust assets and can move those assets in and out of trust at will. So if your concern about losing control was the main reason for you not wanting to create a trust, you may want to rethink this.

Financial Fortitude

Medicare: 3 Truths and a Lie

If you find out later, however, that your company coverage was inferior to Medicare, you’ll pay higher Medicare rates (forever) than you would have had you begun at age 65. Small companies are allowed to drop you: another reason to understand your situation as you approach 65.

July 2019
Legal Ease

These Are The Essential Legal Documents You Should Have

Both of these durable power of attorneys are critically important. Should you become legally incapacitated without having them in place, there would be no one with legal authority to act on your behalf.

Financial Fortitude

How You Can Help Against Elder Financial Fraud and Abuse

Home repair con artists, predatory lenders, and lottery and sweepstakes scammers are more likely to prey on older or vulnerable adults. Also, grandparent and charity scams, expensive annuities, identity theft, and threatening telemarketers. Medicare scams are high on the list of elder fraud.

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