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News happens. News gets 24/7 coverage these days. News outlets are routinely accused of bias, political one-upmanship, focus on celebrity rather than certainty, trying for the biggest “gotcha” questions, and well, fill in the blank with your own pejorative descriptions here. But we proudly announce that we are, in fact, a bit slanted in our presentation of the news: our mission is to cull the facts for what’s important as we age, and to go well beyond the sensationalistic headlines to explore what current events and actions actually mean for us.


We sound off. With the gift of so many years of living, of successes and setbacks, milestones and memories, history lived and the future contemplated – these writers voice their carefully considered opinion of life, the universe and everything. From deadly serious to outrageously funny, join in the conversation about what’s right or wrong about the world we live in.


We want to work at our health to keep in the best possible condition, enjoy life with it while good, and cope with it when needed. We’ve rounded up the best of the best in current thinking and practice, complementary and alternative possibilities, and poignant personal experiences in dealing with life and health and living each day to its fullest. And you’ll especially enjoy even the light-hearted takes on our health journeys – however dire or delightful -- tucked in with the serious stuff.


Money matters, always important, take on a special intensity as we face retirement, health issues, estate planning concerns, legacies, and even end-of-life decisions. Our stable of knowledgeable, experienced, and often working through their own personal financial decisions, writers share their wealth of advice, tips, background – and even humor to help us all handle our money better.


Travel along with people who’ve been there, done that, and at their age enjoyed it immensely – and want you to share the experience, the views, the local flavors and customs and best things to see and do.  Whether you travel solo, in a pack including the grandkids, or even just from your armchair, these travel stories and photos will transport you around the world in a most entertaining and enlightening fashion. Bon voyage!

Advice &

From people who know, we offer you these pearls of wisdom. Sometimes funny, sometimes deadly serious, always worth knowing -- these nuggets of important, solid, and uniquely relevant to your particular age and stage in life columns will fulfill your quest to have learned something new each day.


Ever look in the mirror, then glance over your shoulder to see who must be standing behind you to create the reflection you see? Whether you’re reflecting on your own image, your life’s experiences, your best or worst memories, or the world around you, this far-reaching section will take you on hundreds of fascinating journeys into our writers’ thoughts and viewpoints. As noted author John Cheever observed: "The need to write comes from the need to make sense of one's life."  Essays, nostalgia and all sorts of fascinating reading are here to help make sense of your life, too.


Love it? Hate it? Barely tolerate it? For those of us who grew up when almost nothing but a flashlight required a battery, and only Dick Tracy had a two-way wristwatch radio, we’ve suddenly had to accept that technology rules our world today. Rants, raves and excellent advice fill this section with articles that, if nothing else, will allow you to co-exist in – if not totally understand – the world our grandkids think is normal. Could be the only thing they can think of that doesn’t have a battery is...hmmm, thinking...thinking....


Do you realize a “senior prom” at the local senior center these days includes dancing to the music of Chubby Checker, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones as well as Glen Miller? That to be nostalgic these days might include remembering telephones attached to a wall, beds that might be fit for a king but never “king sized,” or actually having to walk over to the TV to change the channel? Come join our trip down nostalgia’s lane to the good old, bad old, or supremely indifferent days of our lives. 



An old man walks into a bar, sits down, and starts crying.

The bartender asks, “What’s wrong?” The old man looks at the bartender through teary eyes and between sobs says, “I married a beautiful woman two days ago. She’s a natural blonde, twenty-five, intelligent, a marvelous cook, a meticulous housekeeper, extremely sensitive to my wants and needs, very giving, my best friend, and intensely passionate in bed.”
The bartender stares at the old man for a brief moment and says, “But that sounds great! You have what every man wants in a woman, so why are crying?”
The old man looks at the bartender and says, “I can’t remember where I live!”

OK, want to get beyond the usual, corny, stereotypical aging jokes? Our writers will take you by the funny bone to lots more interesting, LOL (laughing out loud) places. Enjoy!