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Health April 2012

Eat Right Now

The Healing Duet

By Wendell Fowler

To unleash the body’s healing system you must develop a passionate love affair with fresh, real food as medicine, as God, Thomas Edison and Hippocrates decreed.

For years I dragged me feet, so to speak, regarding overdue knee surgery. Weary from limping and being restricted, I went for it and was pleasantly surprised how the experience has improved since I last endured a lost week in a purple haze of hospital food and pain killers.

My surgery highlighted the need for mutual participation to yield rapid, successful healing; that you can't live life from the sidelines hoping someone else will do the work. To unleash the body’s healing system you must develop a passionate love affair with fresh, real food as medicine, as God, Thomas Edison and Hippocrates decreed.

Today, man dissects food, removes the most vital parts, then in false hubris feebly recreates God's work in a petri dish, when, in fact, it's the heavenly harmonious concerto of fresh nutrients that create the quantum healing power of the universe. Civilization's biggest human tragedy is the precedence of chemical therapy over fresh nutrition, the substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poisons over food.

Food, not considered medicinal by most, has become rooted social entertainment, pleasure, comfort, tradition, convenience, and a means to profit. We've failed to place food in context with disease; especially significant when the body isn't getting the right tools -- the right nutrients which replace injured or damaged cells. Like rebuilding a rickety, aging home, quality materials are central to the outcome. Being nourished by food is the process by which your holy temple assimilates and digests food and then uses it for growth, healing, and tissue replacement.

"Are all these vitamins I'm taking, fresh local produce, and daily exercising worth my time and investment?" Of course, you need a strong belief system since no one's handed progress reports on the investments into your health equity fund. Since birth, Americans have been encouraged to depend on pharmaceutical drugs when they got sick. I wouldn't be alive today if not for Pharma drugs. Though, according to our Creator, fresh wholesome, sun-blessed plant nutrition should be man's #1 preventive medicine for all life, but that blissful boat previously sailed.

If you've lost your appetite, a food-based multivitamin supplement with trace minerals is a must. Focus on zinc and iron for wound healing and a post-surgery energy boost. Iron-rich foods include all types of clean meat and poultry, beans, apricots, eggs, whole grain breads, and iron-fortified cereals. Zinc comes from meat, seafood, and dark-meat poultry, dairy and fibrous beans. Other foods promoting wound healing before and after your surgery include egg whites, walnuts, almonds, whole grains, and fish.

In '88, after I overpowered the Grim Reaper, my health priorities rehabilitated. Today I'm obsessive compulsive about daily exercise and eating real, unprocessed foods my cells recognize. When I fall down, I want to be able to get up; when I'm sick I want my body to heal itself; when I get hungry, I insist on and expect fresh local foods, not what advertising suggests.

Fresh unprocessed foods provide your temple with sustenance its cells were designed to recognize. This gives your temple the best chance to restore, rebuild organs and muscles, and soothe post-surgical tracks from the surgeon's scalpel.

Embrace this short, sweet, beautiful life with open arms, stay positive, and take steps towards creating blissful health and the legacy you wish to leave. Within you exists a miraculous healing system with its own inner wisdom and deep intelligence that orchestrates all body systems in their attempt to fight off illness, heal wounds, and ultimately return you to your original wholeness. For lasting healing to occur, it's necessary to heal not only the current disease but also the cause of the disease, which frequently originates from the mind. If you don't heal or purify your thoughts and mind, the sickness and problems may reoccur.

Remember, God feeds the birds of the air, but he doesn't drop it into their mouths.


Chef Wendell hosts Eat Right Now on WISH TV 8 CBS Indianapolis. He can be reached at 317-372-2592 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Visit his website at

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