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November 2019

Holiday Photo Gifting

From photo books, to customized wrapping paper, to gift tags or self-sticking labels, my family fully enjoyed seeing images of their own children, pets and projects on unexpectedly useful items.


Santa’s Not the Only One Making a List

The trick to controlling lists? If you wait long enough, many of those little notes to yourself are out of date and you can throw them away.

September 2019
Vintage Vibes

Husbandly Foresight

When we moved back south to a less harsh environment it wasn’t my vehicle of choice. I could not get used to keeping the dually’s wide “hips” within the correct parameters of narrow lanes.

Tunnel Visions

My Neighborhood Is Obsessed with Pumpkins, And the Great Pumpkin’s Delighted

Squirrels treat outdoor decorative pumpkins as their personal grocery store. In my old neighborhood, which seemed to have ten squirrels for every resident, a pumpkin was fortunate if it survived overnight on the porch without a gnaw.

August 2019
Alive and Kidding

Lessons Learned While Selling at Yard Sales

Despite the interruptions, I managed to get everything set up just before the sale began. Within 15 minutes, the piles of clothes I’d so carefully laid out on the table looked as if a helicopter had just hovered over them. And the two perfectly symmetrical rows of salt and pepper shakers were knocked down faster than bowling pins at a tournament.


Use Good Sense and Stay Safe

Thinking she should remember him, she let him walk through her house to her back door.  When he pressed her to follow him to the backyard, her suspicions returned and she kicked him out. She never heard his accomplice, but he had one. All her jewelry was gone.

* * * * *

Install a bolt lock INSIDE a closet where you can hide. Keep your car key in that closet so you can set off your car alarm. Noise is a great deterrent.

Financial Fortitude

For-profit Nursing Care: Befriend or Beware?

Moving from home to senior care can be a wrenching decision. Finding the right match for yourself or your loved one is the complicated follow-on. One important criterion that is often
overlooked is a facility’s ownership. How do for-profit and not-for-profit senior care facilities compare?

July 2019

The Art of Picking Berries

Now my chocolate lab, Jessie, picks like a pro. She delicately places her lips around each one, avoiding the prickers. If the fruit resists her tug or the branch has too much bounce, she plants a paw on the vine, to hold it still.


How Using the ‘F’ Word Changed My Life

Idon’t normally swear. I’ve never used bad language in front of the kids but at this moment I was to break all of the rules. The “F” word erupts from my mouth. Omigosh! I didn’t say that did I? No, not in front of a little kid.

May 2019
Alive and Kidding

My Optometrist’s Secret Method for Finding Lost Items

She hesitated, as if debating whether or not to say her next words, then finally said, “My grandmother, back in Italy, once told me that if you lose something, to take a tissue, tie a knot in it and then hold it tightly in your hand. The next place you look, you’ll find the item you’re looking for.”


Lead with Your Heart

 I am particularly intrigued by the research that shows that “appreciation” is the strongest of all the heart-brain messages. Stronger than love or hate ... stronger than happiness or anger ... appreciation speaks the most clearly and authentically.

April 2019
Laverne's View

The Agony of Defeet

I, who am elated if I safely make it from point A to point B without tripping over low air currents, would really like to know how the beautiful people stand erect, forge ahead and even dance, on five-inch needle-thin mules that make even the ugliest pylons look willowy.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

Prizing the Library

The library provides another world for readers. It provides people with armchair adventures that can open their minds to new experiences, new thoughts and exotic destinations.

Social Insecurity

Time to (Carefully) Jump on the Senior Fitness Bandwagon

My wife and I recently joined a regular local health club using our insurance provider’s discount program which is a real bargain. I admit that I had some serious qualms about joining since my idea of heavy lifting is whether to tackle an entire apple fritter with my morning coffee or just half.

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