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March 2018

What You Should Know to Avoid the Scams and Scoundrels that Target Seniors

The Social Security Administration and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services want to assure you, they will not call you with a request for personal information. If you get such a call, hang up immediately. Don’t engage callers in conversation. It will be tempting to berate them for attempted theft, but just hang up.


When You Have to Choose a Nursing Home (or Assisted Living)

The older I get, the more friends and family members I have that need the various levels of senior care, from temporary stays in rehab hospitals, to independent living, to full nursing care. And in each facility or level of care, I’ve been wowed at how good the care is.


The Old Goats of Stephenville

The members were so gleeful over the trickster being tricked, they unanimously voted me into the Old Goats, the first and only female member, and designated me as “Chief Nanny.”

Passport Perspectives

Worry-Free Housing

Although we are responsible for the maintenance of our home and personal gardens, the responsibility for maintaining the whole resort does not belong to us. We don't worry if the pool heater breaks down, if a piece of equipment in the fitness room needs replacing or when to update the lounge chairs, tables and umbrellas by the pool.

Financial Fortitude

Savor Perfect Moments

What’s remarkable is that this occurred on the heels of a terrible
time. It was less than two months the largest wildfire in California
history, a fire that forced my husband and me to evacuate for 12 days,and came within a mile of our home.

February 2018

How Some Key Elements of the Tax Reform Bill May Affect Seniors

Known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), it affects most everyone in various ways. Here are several parts of the final bill that will affect everyone who files tax returns, and some that will affect seniors more than most.


Tax Scams Always Heat Up in Tax Season… but they Never Lose their Flavor

The IRS telephone scam is one of the most pervasive scams outthere, right now, and those criminals tend to target seniors. Even tax professionals themselves are sometimes fooled by these schemes, in fact, the former director of the IRS himself got a scam call.


Any Time Is a Good Time for Resolutions

Resolutions simply need to be positive, realistic and easily attainable. Resolutions don’t need to be merely January 1st promises. After all, the Babylonians made theirs in mid-March. We can reset our goals anytime – a holiday, a birthday, a season.

Lawrenzi, Jr.

The Most Powerful Rule

Proclaim your rarity. Don't follow the herd mentality. Dare to be different. Each person is a walking, talking miracle who, unfortunately, rarely reaches the heights that are possible within him.

November 2017
Dollar Sense

Discounts and Other Perks for Our Veterans on Veterans Day

A lot of businesses take it upon themselves to give a nod to military personnel with a discount on Veterans Day and some, more often.

Dollar Sense

Shopping Online for the Holidays? Consumer Reports Offers Tips for Enhanced Security

Consumer Reports reminds us that if you use your debit card to pay for an online purchase and a data breach occurs, you may have just handed thieves the keys to the bank account that is tied to your debit card.

* * * * *

A mobile wallet such as Android Pay or Apple Pay is more secure than a card, because they use substitute numbers or tokens, rather than your real account numbers. Also, your smartphone adds protections of its own, such as a fingerprint reader.

Miss Nora
Ask Miss Nora

Love in a Local Climate

One of the few complications of romance in our twilight years is the presence of defensive offspring. Adult children can be fiercely protective and deliberately obstructive – and nothing spoils a potential romance like a brood’s blockade.

Silver Screen, Golden Years


Younger viewers may think that Thanksgiving is all about the Pilgrims and turkey and cranberry sauce and all that, but modern Thanksgiving is also about commerce, in so far as it leads into the December holiday shopping season. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, still trying to jump start us out of the Depression, pushed Thanksgiving 1939 up a week, to the third Thursday of November.

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