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Rainbow Kitchen

Cobb Salad

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The original “clean out the fridge, use up the leftovers” creation (Google Cobb salad to see its origins at Hollywood’s famous Brown Derby restaurant), this is your chance to create a veritable rainbow of a heaping plate of healthy goodies. No recipe here – use what you like and what you’ve got.

Start with a dinner-sized plate covered with lettuce. Romaine is excellent because it retains a crisp texture, but anything will do including a mixture of leaf or head lettuces, maybe some cabbage or beet greens mixed in.

As opposed to a mixed or chopped salad where everything is intermingled, start a design with your various ingredients – straight lines, small piles, or even a large eye-catching mandala-type circle.

I usually include 5-8 items.

    • Protein: hard-boiled eggs (sliced or chopped), grated or small chunked cheese (feta, blue, fresco or cheddar), cooked beans, crumbled bacon or leftover slices of meat (chicken, turkey, beef), or fish such as anchovies or tuna.

    • Veggies: Our favorites include cucumbers, tomatoes, summer squash, sugar snap or snow peas, avocado, and lightly blanched green beans, broccoli, or cauliflower.

    • Fruit: A few berries, cherries, fresh pineapple, melon or peach slices add a sweet, colorful finishing touch.


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