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Guest Recipe

Hot Stuff Macaroni and Cheese

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From: Joe Sisson
            Carlsbad, California

Add desired amount of macaroni and 4 cut up Hebrew National hot dogs to a big pot of boiling water.

Boil for approximately nine minutes, drain and add: Cheese, butter, milk to taste

3-4 tbsp. of mustard with horseradish

3-4 tbsp. of Heinz 57 sauce

3-4 tbsp. Rothschild Farm roasted pineapple & habanero sauce

Approximately 20 crushed Wheat Thins crackers

1-2 tbsp. ‘Slap Ya Mama’ hot sauce (or sauce of your choice)

Stir well and serve. 2-4 servings (more often just 2)

Variations are as many as the imagination (and whatever’s available)

You’ve probably guessed I live alone. (My grown daughters don’t ask that I cook for them either.)