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Beef and Noodles with Veggies and Gravy

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From: Colleen Cade
            Lansing, Michigan

I grew up in Lake Odessa, Michigan. Our biggest meal was supper at 4 p.m. and after supper I was off to find my friends and go snowmobiling or ice skating. Winter in Lake Odessa was very cold and we had the lake in our backyard.

My favorite meals my mom made would have made her famous, I still don't know why she never published anything. That may explain why I was overweight at young ages – I loved eating my mom's food.

One of my favorites was pot roast with noodles with potatoes and carrots and mom's beef gravy that my dad enjoyed soaking his bread in.

La Choy brown gravy mix was the star of the meal and unfortunately I haven't been able to find it in over 25 years, so how do I get that wonderful taste now? After years of pot roast dinners I finally got as close as I could – and though it's not my mom's exact recipe I think it's worth entering.


One 3- to 5-pound pot roast

½ pound no-yolk noodles

6 medium potatoes peeled

1 pound fresh carrots washed and peeled

1/4 cup garlic powder

1 medium onion chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

Beef bouillon or onion soup mix (1 pkg. or 1/4 cup)

1 quart water

Vegetable oil

Wash off meat and place in large pot or Dutch oven. Add garlic powder and chopped onion. Brown meat on low to medium low, turning to brown all sides.

Add water to meat, reduce heat to low. Add beef soup mix or bouillon. Cook, checking occasionally for 4 hours or until meat is falling apart.

Remove meat to platter with edges to keep juicy. Cover with foil.

Add carrots to beef broth and boil 5 minutes. Add potatoes and boil 20 minutes. Remove vegetables and add noodles. Cook until done to taste. Slice meat and combine all ingredients. Enjoy!