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February 2019

Do You Know This About Wine?

Leftover sparkling wines can be used to macerate fresh fruit. But only serve the macerated fruit to adults –  the alcohol is still present after the bubbles have dissipated.

June 2018

Cooking with Bourbon for Father's Day or Anytime

In Bourbon Curious (Zenith Press) Fred Minnick groups bourbon into four main flavor profiles: grain, nutmeg, caramel, and cinnamon. While many bourbons boast all four flavor notes, one sensation typically overpowers the rest.

Foto Foodies

I’m not sure this is a totally new idea. Unlike Joe, I’ve been uploading meals and then downloading them onto my shirts for more than 60 years. It’s not uncommon for people to ask
me about certain food choices I have posted on my clothing for all my friends to see…

April 2018

Veggie Garden Remix and Food Anatomy

Fill your garden with a treasure trove of flavors with choices like crunchy cucamelons – shaped like a tiny watermelon – Cape gooseberries, and “Piracicaba” broccoli, a mild, sweet-flavored broccoli for those who don't like this veggie

March 2017

Boost Flavor with Sauce

In Just Add Sauce, the definition of "sauce" has been expanded to include not only classics like hollandaise and pan sauces, but also things like relishes, vinaigrettes, and pestos. There are curry, mole, yogurt, herb, nut and seed sauces, plus caramel sauces and simple fruit or vegetable purees.

Reflections and Recipes by Fishing Chefs

The voices and photographs of passionate fishermen, guides, chefs and guests, capture the heart and soul of these retreats and the memories and traditions that make each so special.

November 2017

Unique, Tasty Recipes for your Thanksgiving Celebration

Rohan Marley introduces each chapter with anecdotes about becoming a coffee farmer, of family meals growing up in Jamaica, and his father, the legendary musician Bob Marley.

October 2017

October Harvest Time and Pumpkin Delights

Peeling raw pumpkin is not easy; cooked pumpkin is much simpler to peel so scrub the outside before cooking. Except for roasting whole or miniature pumpkins, pumpkins should be cut in half and the seeds and fibers scraped out with a large metal spoon.

September 2017

Fun Fair and Circus Food for Fall

"Around 1980, 'classic’ fair food began to evolve from cotton candy and snow cones to bacon-wrapped doughnuts fried in pork belly fat. Not all the food sold at the fair is fried, but the motto of today's county fair might as well be 'Just Fry It!'"

August 2017

Easy Summertime Meals and Snacks

For healthy snacking during summertime fun, Stoneridge Orchards ( offers sweet and tart dried Montmorency cherries plain, dipped in dark chocolate or in Greek yogurt, and in chili lime with a mild kick.

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