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March 2014

Chasing Money Abroad

She stalked off and reappeared with a pleasant woman who spoke to us in English. Unfortunately what she said was that her bank did not perform that service. She gave us directions to one she said would definitely accommodate us. When we went there, we realized we were back in the first bank.

Compulsive Traveler

Cooking and Culture in Bali

While most of the people in Indonesia are Muslim, the majority of the people in Bali are Hindu but even the non-Hindu people of Bali observe Nyepi Day out of respect. Imagine 24 hours without the sound of cars, radios, TVs or any other manmade noise.

Compulsive Traveler

Ten Unforgettable Things to do in Hawaii

Every winter the humpback whales return to bear their young and put on a great show of breaching, fin slapping, and tail waving. While these behemoths of the sea can be 40 to 45 feet in length, weigh up to 40 tons and can eat a ton of food a day – they can leap nearly their body length out of the water.

Ernie's World

The Pit and the Petunia

No, that's Busch Gardens. Butchart Gardens is world-renowned for its thousands and thousands of flowers and unique shrubs on more than 50 acres. It has been in bloom for more than 100 years!

February 2014

Counting Cats in Zanzibar: Reflections on Travel Through a 7th Decade Lens

Then we had a hiatus and something very strange started to happen. We began to realize that we no longer wished to be in big, busy cities. We didn't want to "do" cathedrals and museums and ruins. The thought of double-digit hours in flight grew increasingly off-putting. Renting apartments and eating dinner "at home" became more appealing than staying in hotels.

Compulsive Traveler

Visiting Dutchess County

Gilded Age: Only a Vanderbilt family member would refer to the Vanderbilt Mansion as “Uncle Freddy’s cottage on the Hudson.” Frederick Vanderbilt was one of the wealthiest Americans having made his money in the railroad business.

January 2014
Dollar Sense

A Cruise Isn’t as Expensive as You Might Think

Eat onboard rather than in the ports. When we were in ports, we spent our time sightseeing and shopping, rather than eating. Not only was it a better use of the time, but as it was there was more good food onboard (that was free) than we could possibly eat, so it didn’t make sense to pay extra in the ports.

Compulsive Traveler

Things Not to Miss in Haiti

The market is jam-packed with everything from handicrafts to pigeons. The building was prefabricated in France to be the train station in Cairo. But that didn’t happen so Florvil Hyppolite, president of Haiti from 1828 to 1896, had it shipped to Haiti to serve as a central market.

December 2013
Compulsive Traveler

10 Things to Do in Ottawa

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is Canada’s largest and most popular museum chronicling a thousand years of Canadian history. Not to miss is the First Peoples Hall that highlights the culture of Canada’s aborigines, with the Grand Hall featuring the world’s largest collection of totem poles.

November 2013
The Tenacious Traveler

Visiting Vancouver

Stanley Park, a major trolley destination, is a Vancouver “must see.” Sprawling over 1,000 acres, this popular urban retreat is a green oasis surrounded by the city’s urban landscape. Miles of gentle hiking paths lead past lovely beaches, and cultural and historic landmarks. 

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