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The Bradford Exchange™ – Featured Offers

10 Little Fingers, 10
Little Toes Baby Doll

1965 Shelby Cobra
Daytona Coupe

1977 Firebird Special
Edition Cuckoo Clock

Abby Rose Baby Doll


Alfred Durante
"Central Park" Bag

Alfred Durante
Richmond Bag

Alfred Durante
"Royal Inspirations"

Alfred Durante
"South Hampton"


Alfred Durante "The
Duchess" Handbag

Alfred Durante "The
Mahattan" Handbag

Alfred Durante "Uptown"
Shoulder Tote

Amethyst Cross Ring

        The Brandford Exchange - Amethyst & Diamond Cross Ring

• A Moment In My Arms,
In My Heart Doll

• Annika So Truly Real

A Purr-pose Filled
Heart Cat Figurine

Art Sneakers



• Ashley Breathing
Lifelike Baby Doll

A Teaspoon of
Daydreams Figurine

A Touch of Heaven
Copper Bracelet

Baby of Mine Baby Doll


Believe Diamond Ring

Embrace Ring

Betty Boop and
Polka Dots Bag

Betty Boop Hoodie

    The Bradford Exchange - Bereavement Embrace Ring     The Brandford Exchange - Ladies Betty Boop Hoodie

Betty Boop "Shades of
Betty" Handbag

Betty Boop Jacket

Blessed Are The Pure Of
Heart Baby Doll

Blossoming Hope
Women's Jacket


Blue Willow Angel

Blue Willow Cat

Blush of Beauty
Women's Jacket

Bob Mackie Rodeo Drive
Leather Handbag

  The Brandford Exchange - Blue Willow Angel   The Brandford Exchange - Purr-fectly Lovely Blue Willow Cat    

• Budweiser Holiday
Express Train

Buffalo Nickel Stein

 Bundle Babies Baby
Doll Collection

Bundle Of Love
Baby Doll


Cardinal Serenade
Hand-Blown Glass

Caring Companion

Cats Leave Paw Prints
On Our Hearts

• Cherish Lifelike Baby

    The Brandford Exchange - Caring Companion Alzheimer Remembrance    

Chevrolet Muscle Car
Express Train

Chevy Bel Air
Cuckoo Clock

Chevy Bel Air Men's

Chevy Bel Air
Tabletop Tree

    The Brandford Exchange - First-Ever Chevy Bel Air Cuckoo Clock     Chevy Bel Air Tabletop Tree

Chevy Camaro
Cuckoo Clock

Chihuahua Love
Never Forgets

Chihuahua Teacup

Chloe's Look of Love
Touch-Activated Doll


  Chevy Camaro Cuckoo Clock     The Brandford Exchange - Chihuahua Teacup  

Cleo-CAT-tra Figurine

Classic Tails Tote Bag

Coca Cola Christmas
Tree Collection

Coca Cola Replica
Bottle Figurine



Coca Cola Express

Coke Timeless

Coke Timelessly

Corvette Christmas


    The Brandford Exchange - Victorian Coca-Cola Woman Figurine     The Brandford Exchange - Corvette Christmas Tree

Cozy Companions Wall
Decor Collection

Cranky Cats Tote Bag

Disney Alice in
Wonderland Clock

Disney Beauty And The
Beast Belle Figurine


Disney Carry That Magic
Tote Bag

Disney Christmas
Tree Collection

Disney Frozen "Let It
Go" Elsa Snow Queen

Disney Frozen
Music Box


Disney Halloween
Harvest Village

Disney Holiday
Express Train

Disney Mickey Mouse
Motion Wall Clock

Disney Mickey Through
The Years Clock



Disney Once Upon A

Disney Patches Of
Love Handbag

Disney Mickey &
Minnie Handbag

Disney Snow White
Baby Doll Collection


Ella Baby Doll

Elvis Presley Pre-Lit
Musical Xmas Tree

Elvis Rock 'N' Roll
Musical Xmas Tree

Emerald Elegance
Christmas Tree


Face of Faith
Christ Coin Ring

• Faith Can Move
Mountains Ring

Farmall Delivers
Express Train

Farmall Holiday
Village Collection


      Bradford - Farmall Holiday Village Collection   Bradford - Farmall Holiday Village Collection

Flying Scotsman
Train Cuckoo

Footprints In The Sand
Diamond Cross Ring

Footprints In The Sand
Diamond Pendant

Footprints In The Sand
Women's Hoodie


  The Brandford Exchange -  Flying Scotsman Train-Themed Cuckoo Clock   Bradford - Footprints In The Sand Diamond Cross Ring     Bradford - Footprints In The Sand Women's Hoodie

• Ford: A Century of
Innovation Express

Ford F-Series
Cuckoo Clock

Ford Mustang Garage
Cuckoo Clock

Ford Thunderbird
Cuckoo Clock



Forever Disney Shoulder

Forever In My Heart
Musical Glitter Globe

Fortune's Smile
Elephant Figurine

Freedom Choppers
Cuckoo Clock



• Garden of Prayer

Gift of Hope Snowman
& Pre-Lit Tree

Golden Spike
Cuckoo Clock

Birthstone Bug

  The Brandford Exchange - Thomas Kinkade Garden of Prayer Bowl       The Brandford Exchange - Granddaughter Birthstone Bug

Diamond Bracelet

Granddaughter Diamond
Pendant Necklace

Granddaughter Figurine
Inspired by "Frozen"

Hershey's Kisses Box


  The Brandford Exchange - Granddaughter Diamond Bracelet   The Brandford Exchange - Diamond Pendant Necklace for Granddaughter    

Glass Music Box

Granddaughter - I Love
You Music Box

Granddaughter - I Love
You Music & Charm

Granddaughter - I Love
You to the Moon

  The Brandford Exchange - My Granddaughter, I Love You Music Box      

Granddaughter - I Love
You Snowglobe

Wooden Music Box

Granddaughter, Owl
Love You Music Box

• Granddaughter Owl
Love You Necklace


• Granddaughter Protect
Diamond Bracelet

Reach for the Stars

Granddaughter You Are
My Sunshine Music

Little Dear Music Box


You're Purr-fect Box

Grandma's Pearls of

Grandson Dog Tag
Cross Pendant

Grandson Forge Your
Own Path Keepsake

  The Brandford Exchange - Granddaughter You're Purr-fect Music Box      

Grandson Forge Your
Path Compass

Dog Tag Pendant

Grandson Personalized
Two Tone Dog Tag

Grandson Protection
Men's Bracelet


Grandson Protection
& Strength Pendant

• Grandson Sports Star
Dog Tag Pendant

• Grandson Triumph Of
St. Michael Pendant

• Heavenly Blessings
Christmas Tree


• Heavenly Grace
Diamond Pendant

• Heavenly Star Blue
Topaz Necklace

• Heaven's Promise Lily
Pendant Necklace

• Home Is Where My Cats
Are Figurine


• Home of the Brave
Men's Hoodie

• Hush Little Baby
Lifelike Doll

I Am With You
Bereavement Ring

I Am With You Diamond
& Opal Pendant


I Love Lucy Cuckoo

I Love Lucy

Indian Head Nickel
Men's Ring

Indian Motorcycle
Express Train


In Loving Memory
Diamond Necklace

Inspiration From Above
Healing Bracelet

Isabella's First
Steps Baby Doll

John Wayne Cuckoo

  The Brandford Exchange - In Loving Memory Diamond Necklace       The Brandford Exchange - John Wayne Cuckoo Clock

John Wayne "Duke"
Men's Jacket

John Wayne Legend

John Wayne Patriotic

John Wayne Pistol

        The Brandford Exchange - The Duke - John Wayne Replica Pistol

John Wayne Stockade
Men's Jacket

John Wayne "The Duke"
1952 Ford F150

Katie Baby Doll

Kayomi Cute As a
Bug Teacup

        The Brandford Exchange - Kayomi Cute As A Bug Teacup

Kayomi "Owl Always
Love You!" Figurine

Kayomi "There's No
Place Like Home"

Kinkade 3-D

• Kinkade Alzheimer's
Charity Angel

  The Brandford Exchange - Kayomi "Owl Always Love You!" Figurine     The Brandford Exchange - Kinkade 3-D Snowman  

Kinkade Blessed Nativity
Christmas Tree

Kinkade Canvas Heart

Kinkade Christmas
Express Train

Kinkade Crystal Holiday
Reflections Tree

    The Brandford Exchange - Thomas Kinkade's Canvas Heart    

Kinkade Cuckoo

Kinkade Dogwood
Chapel Canvas

Kinkade Fairy
Garden Collection

Kinkade Following
The Star Nativity

  The Brandford Exchange - Thomas Kinkade Cuckoo Clock      

Kinkade Heart of Love

Kinkade Heaven's
Embrace Figurine

Kinkade Christmas
Village Wreath

Kinkade Illuminated
Nativity Garland


Kinkade Illuminated
Christmas Village

Kinkade Inspirations of
Hope Cross

Kinkade Magnificent
Blessings Nativity

Kinkade Mountain
Retreat Canvas

        The Brandford Exchange - Thomas Kinkade Mountain Retreat Canvas

Kinkade Love You
Always Music Box

Kinkade Harvest
Season Centerpiece

Kinkade Seasonal
Art Canvas

Kinkade Stained
Glass - Hope Cross


Kinkade Stairway To
Heaven Necklace

• Kinkade Sermon On
The Mount Sculpture

Kinkade Village
Christmas Tree

Kinkade Welcome
Wall Decor Collection

        The Brandford Exchange - Thomas Kinkade Welcome Sign

Kinkade Wonderland
Express Tree

Lena Liu Canvas Print

Lena Liu Fleece

Lena Liu Garden of
Sunshine Shoes

    The Brandford Exchange - Lena Liu Canvas Print   The Brandford Exchange - Fleece Jacket by Lena Liu  

• Lena Liu Luminous
Wings Torchiere Lamp

Light of Faith Blue Topaz
& Diamond Ring

• Little Grace Baby Doll

Little Peanut Baby Doll


    Bradford - Light Of Faith Blue Topaz And Diamond Ring    

Littlest Sweetheart
Baby Doll

Madison & Mason
Poseable Twin Dolls

• Matriarch Of The Red
Diamond Elephant

Message From Heaven
Pendant Necklace


Messenger From Heaven
Glitter Globe

Mickey & Minnie
Love Story Handbag

Mickey Reversible

Military Fleece Hoodies


My Granddaughter,
My Heart Pendant

My Granddaughter, My
Love Bracelet

My Granddaughter,
My Princess

My Personal Style
Monogram Satchel

      The Brandford Exchange - My Granddaughter, My Princess Figurine   The Brandford Exchange - My Personal Style Handbag

Mystical Mystery Cat

Nature's Healing
Copper Bracelet

Olivia Interactive
Baby Doll

P-40 Flying Tiger
Cuckoo Clock

  The Brandford Exchange - Mystical Mystery Cat     The Bradford Exchange - Olivia Interactive Baby Doll  

P-51 Mustang
Thermometer & Clock

Personal Checks
with Style

POW MIA Express
Train Collection

Precious Granddaughter
Pearl Necklace


Precious Moments-Home
Is Where My Cats Are

Precious Moments Elvis
Fan Figurine

• Precious Moments
Love-Purr-fect Gift

• Protection And Strength
For My Son Pendant


• Protect The Wild Tote

Pure Faith Diamond

Purr-ecious Blessing
Blue Willow

Reach High for Hope

        The Brandford Exchange - Reach High for Hope Figurine

Remembrance Music

Ribbons of Hope
Anorak Jacket

Rudolph The Red
Nose Reindeer®

Savana Baby Doll


Shades of Hope

Sher-ruff S. Paws
Dachshund Figurine

ShihTzu Teacup

Silent Night Nativity
Figurine Set

      The Brandford Exchange - Shih-tzu Teacup   The Brandford Exchange - Silent Night Nativity

Silver Blessings Nativity
Christmas Tree

Songbirds of the

Songbirds of Spring Tote

• Sophia Lifelike Baby

    The Brandford Exchange - Songbirds of the Seasons    

Studebaker Cuckoo

Sunflower Sneakers

Sweet Dreams, Baby
Jacob Baby Doll

• Terry Redlin
Welcome Signs

    The Brandford Exchange - Sunflower Sneakers by Lena Liu   The Brandford Exchange - Sweet Dreams, Baby Jacob Baby Doll  

• The Beatles Express
Train Collection

The U.S. Morgan
Silver Dollar Collection

The Faith Diamond

The Jeweled Nativity
Figurine Collection


The Morgan Silver Ingot
Engraved Men's Ring

• The Nightmare Before
Christmas Cuckoo

Train Collection

The Silent Night
Nativity Collection


• "The Spirit Of The
West" Train

Tiffany Cat

Tiffany Elephant

Treasures of Ancient
Egypt Cuckoo Clock

    The Brandford Exchange - Tiffany Cat   The Brandford Exchange - Tiffany Elephant  

Treetop Majesty

• U.S. $2 National Park

U.S. Army Express

Veterans Salute Men's

  Treetop Majesty      

Welcome to the New
World Baby Girl Doll

• Wizard Of Oz Cuckoo