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April 2012
Agelessly Yours

Ageless, But Only Through Our Own Eyes

Actually, he scared the hell out of me, because not even my own husband makes that request of me. But he started flexing the muscles in his arms, and they felt like they could have belonged to Sponge Bob Square Pants, they were so not firm.

Financial Fortitude

Senior Volunteers Get Physical

We'd brought gaiters to protect ourselves from cholla and opuntia, but those wouldn't help against UXO - unexploded ordnances. Rule number one: "If you didn't drop it, don't pick it up."

Financial Fortitude

How to Approach 90 – The New 85

Previous seminal work on demography designated age 85 as the cutoff for what we termed the oldest-old...With a rapidly growing percentage of the older population projected to be 90 and above in 2050, this report provides data for the consideration of moving that yardstick up to 90. Can 90 be the new 85?


Oy, My Aching Internet

I’m not one who needs to impress people with my possessions, thus I have no need or reason to purchase the latest Smartphone — especially because I know I’ll never learn to use it.


Toilet Paper Resolutions

So, I learned, if I announced I was going to write my new year's resolutions on facial-quality bathroom tissue it’d sound chic, but if I said I’d planned next year's promises on toilet paper it’d conjure up yuks.


No Tweeting: If You Want To Reach Me, You'll Have To Knock

I even have a blog and Web page, but I'll likely go to my grave without tweeting or friending — along with setting up a spreadsheet or visiting the Soviet Union.

Age-Full Living

The Value of Community

One of the great benefits that often accompanies this transition is the opportunity to live and be involved in community. Yes, I know that moving is hard but I learned that living alone in isolation is worse.

Age-Full Living

An Easier Approach to Change

Some changes get knocked off the list (i.e., tried it, didn't work, try something else). Bottom line, I never beat myself up over the things that don't work. I just focus on what DID work for me, and move forward with keeping change active in my life.

Age-Full Living

Assess and Refresh Your Life!

If you didn't have to care for it, or pay for it, or carry it around, or service it, or spend time doing it, would you have more freedom and time to do and be what you really want right now?

Life Now

Waiting for the First Snowfall

Each change in climate provides a rhythm and if we attune to this rhythm, we can experience a fullness of life. There is beauty in spring, summer, autumn and winter, no matter how long each season lasts.

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