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April 2012
The Expiration Date

I Hear Voices

Information wins out over intuition. Distraction leads to fragmentation and disconnection and no matter how many friends I have on Facebook, they are still ghosts in the machine and I still get lonely.


Move, It's an Old Guy!

She yelled, "Move, it's an old guy." Wondering who they were referring to, I looked from side to side and in my rearview mirror and there was no other vehicle or person in sight.


Who Decides Who Is Old?

The elixirs of youth are abundant and the industry makes its purveyors billions each year (as in $50 billion annually). The risk of some of those "elixirs of youth" also have the potential to indeed stop aging, but not in the way seekers long for. Remember, dying also stops the aging process!

Dollar Sense

Who Wants to Be Betty White? People of a Certain Age

In a shaky economy, you might expect the biggest concern to be finances. But for retirees and pre-retirees, roughly four out of ten said health or medical issues would be the problem most likely to negatively impact their retirement years.

Aid for Age

Beans’ Ear for Football

At times Beans will even approach the big screen with the intent of punishing the other team if it scores a touchdown and we moan in disappointment. We tell Beans. "It's only football."


America's Unofficial Language

Miss Carry sighed one of those endless things that my mother does when she's had enough of me, but the teacher had to teach and couldn't walk out of the room into the kitchen, as my mother.


Finding Love ... Later

When she first saw her Mr. Right, Bonnie in the U.S. admitted, "he was wearing a skirt."

The Older I Get, The More I Object

The Fitness Police

My gripe is that we are hounded from Halloween through New Year’s Eve to buy, prepare, and consume every form of indulgence with reckless abandon. Then, on January 1, those very same magazines, newspaper ads, TV commercials, family, and friends who tempted us with every form of decadence, now expect an abrupt reversal in our behavior.

Strictly Humor

Gardening with Gamma Rays

Despite my dietary non-investment in the subject, I was still driven on by a devotion to duty, owing it to the carnivores in this readership. Consider, I was researching this subject as a stranger in a strange land, where people say “thermally sterilized comestibles” when talking about canned food.

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