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October 2012
The Older I Get, The More I Object

A Day of Reckoning

It was only in that split second that I thought about road rage victims and the notion that this person could be packing a gun. Imagine the headlines: "Senior citizen assaulted by parking-lot bandit in neighborhood Costco."

September 2012
Matters on My Mind

Moving to Stop Distracted Driving

It’s not surprising, then, that a distracted driver is 23 times more likely to crash. When the driver texts, he takes his eyes off the road for 5 seconds. At a speed of 55 mph, that’s long enough to travel the length of a football field.

August 2012

Cooking Outside the Lines

It was so out of context to have an exquisite table setting with fast-food, that we were moved towards the glamour rather than the franchise. Other diners avoided us. No one asked if we were having a celebration but rather assumed we had mental problems they didn’t want to catch.

Life Is for Living

Who Would Have Guessed?

John Adams wrote to his wife, "I am apt to believe that [July 2, 1776], will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival." Unfortunately, John was wrong. This great document developed a bad case of the slows.

April 2012

Primary Supreme

I admit that after an adult lifetime of never missing an election and of closely following politics I had become jaded and cynical. Vermin, in his own bizarre way, was pointing out the silliness and posturing of so many candidates and of the media that cover them.

Klock, Sr.

Customer Service: Going the Way of Virgin Brides?

The subject du jour is that customer service is rapidly becoming an oxymoron -- a contradictory term on the level of pretty ugly, guest host, old news, good grief and legally drunk.

Klock, Sr.

Splying: the Blurred Line Between Honesty and Falsehood

No politicians worthy of the name would ever admit to telling lies, but neither would they long survive in their chosen profession of mud wrestling without having mastered the science of spinning truth, which is to say disguising pants-on-fire lies as facts.


Would You Want Your Grandchild to Run for President?

I have a grandson, who makes such a tremendous impression on people many have said, “He should run for president one day.” To which my answer is, “I pray not!”


Some Commercials Are Ridiculous!

As the old saying goes, “Good advertising doesn’t wear out; it wears in.” I dispute this as a fact and base it only on my amateur sleuthing among a number of my peers who agree.

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